WWE Raw Outcomes: Winners, Grades, Reaction and Highlights from April 11

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    Credit ranking: WWE

    Welcome to Bleacher Picture’s protection and recap of WWE Raw on April 11.

    With WrestleMania 38 firmly in the rearview replicate, it be time for WWE to begin looking ahead to WrestleMania Backlash because it decides which feuds to feature on the card.

    After they attacked Bobby Lashley all over closing week’s affirm, Omos and MVP perceived to accept as true with a fresh alliance. The 2 addressed their actions from the consolation of the VIP Lounge.

    Cody Rhodes wrestled his first match on Raw in over six years when he took on The Miz, and AJ Kinds battled Edge’s fresh ally, Damian Priest.

    Let’s bear a eye at what took place all over Monday’s episode of WWE Raw.

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    Raw unfolded with a recap of Cody Rhodes returning to WWE at WrestleMania earlier than The Miz made his formulation out for an episode of “Miz TV.” It took Rhodes a actually very long time to obtain to the ring because he became once taking part in to the team so grand.

    The Miz acknowledged Rhodes would be nowhere on this substitute with out his family title, but The American Nightmare did no longer seem troubled. They needled at each other a microscopic bit till The A-Lister got upset and started to obtain in Rhodes’ face.

    The section ended with Rhodes sidestepping an attack to ship The Miz out of the ring. That became once as bodily because the opening section got, but it with out a doubt restful took up the principle 17 minutes of the affirm.

    Whereas this may possibly well accept as true with done the an identical hiss in half the time, it became once restful good to ogle The Miz and Rhodes both obtain a possibility to keep in touch earlier than their match. It is far going to also impartial had been too long, but this became once restful a first price opening to the affirm.

    Grade: B-

    Important Moments and Observations

  • The AR graphics WWE uses all over Rhodes’ entrances are a microscopic bit grand.
  • It appeared love Rhodes and The Miz may possibly well accept as true with planned their outfits for this section. The Miz is the devilish heel in all unlit, whereas Cody is the angelic babyface in gleaming blue, gold and white. Within the event that they did, it be a good delicate bit of storytelling. If now no longer, it be a joyful accident.
  • The Miz correcting Rhodes about announcing Superstars as an replacement of wrestlers became once funnier than it will had been.

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    The first match of the night featured Veer taking on one amongst the males he attacked closing week, Dominik Mysterio.

    Whereas Dom became once able to dodge the expansive man’s preliminary attack, he became once quick overwhelmed by the powerhouse. Even when the high-flyer got in a microscopic bit of bit of offense, Veer restful completed him off in only about a minutes with a modified camel clutch.

    This became once better than Veer squashing a random jobber, but now no longer by grand. Rey became once nowhere to be considered, so his son ended up suffering a put up-match attack, too.

    The staunch news is Veer did ogle love the beast WWE wishes us to ogle him as, so it will be exciting to ogle how long he goes earlier than he ultimately loses a match.

    Grade: C-

    Important Moments and Observations

  • Veer would accept as true with fallen over when he caught Dom at ringside had it now no longer been for the barricade maintaining him impartial.
  • WWE with out a doubt bought the attack by having EMTs bear Dom out on a stretcher.

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    Kinds became once attempting to obtain some revenge against Priest after he got inflamed about Kinds’ match against Edge at WrestleMania. Prior to they fought in the ring, they had been shown having a microscopic bit of scuffle in the back of the curtain earlier in the day.

    Kinds susceptible his inch to withhold Priest off steadiness for about a seconds, but the expert striker put up an true fight. The Extra special One took the fight out of the ring and hit a good springboard forearm to ship us right into a industrial ruin.

    The 2nd half of the match became once more competitive and saw Priest begin to work his formulation back into the match, but Kinds restful appeared as if it can accept as true with the upper hand loads of the time.

    At one point, Priest kneeled down in the ring and a pink highlight shined down on him whereas the the leisure of the field went darkish. Then, the affirm correct lower to industrial again. That became once it. We returned from a ruin, and WWE correct moved on with the affirm as if the match ended.

    The bulk of the match became once rather tons of fun, but that queer ending entirely killed any momentum the affirm had constructed up.

    Grade: C+

    Important Moments and Observations

  • WWE can also impartial accept as true with kept Kinds as a heel for too long. He is so loads better as a babyface correct due to his in-ring fashion creating so many alternatives for the fans to pop.
  • Kinds’ moonsault DDT nearly ended badly, but they saved it at the closing 2nd.
  • Priest is effectively-liked, but he restful would be an underrated employee. He does rather tons of microscopic things to bear his efficiency more bright. He gets it.
  • The fashion Priest bought the Pele Kick became once laughable.

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    Credit ranking: WWE

    Lawful as Rhodes and The Miz had been about to obtain going, Seth Rollins’ tune hit, and he began to bear his formulation to the ring in his nicest swimsuit produced from sofa cloth.

    The American Nightmare susceptible his high ring IQ to manipulate the rush and counter about a of The Miz’s handiest strikes. He hit a good delayed facebuster as Rollins cheered him on from the commentary table.

    They labored effectively collectively because both of these guys are veterans, but it with out a doubt never felt love they got out of 2nd gear. They had been conserving back because this match became once now no longer designed to want the affirm. It became once designed to further a undeniable storyline.

    After Rhodes hit about a of his approved strikes, he completed The Miz off with Foul Rhodes for a natty victory. Rollins snuck up on him as he became once celebrating, but he did no longer attack. He became once more drawn to taking Rhodes up on his provide of a rematch. Rhodes straight agreed to it.

    Grade: B

    Important Moments and Observations

  • The commentators illustrious that this became once the principle singles match between The Miz and Rhodes in nine years.
  • Rollins sat at the table but did no longer be part of the commentary crew. It became once more or much less queer.
  • Can we agree to discontinuance announcing The Miz has a abominable Resolve-Four? It seems to be beautiful.
  • Rhodes with out a doubt likes most of the feeble-college spots. For him, reversing the Resolve-Four became once a expansive moment.

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    After scoring a take over Sasha Banks on SmackDown, Liv Morgan squared off against her associate on this week’s Raw, Naomi. All but again, Rhea Ripley became once absent.

    Naomi and Morgan had a microscopic bit of a tedious begin to this match. They had about a good strikes, but it with out a doubt felt love they lacked the chemistry we saw between Morgan and Banks on Friday.

    Naomi scored the absorb underneath two minutes. This is one other instance of WWE doing 50-50 reserving with champions and challengers.

    Grade: C

    Important Moments and Observations

  • There may possibly be so grand marketing doable with Banks and Naomi as a crew. WWE wishes to bear as grand merch for them as doable. This can sell better than ice water in the desolate tract.
  • The fashion Naomi pinned Morgan appeared love it can legitimately withhold most other folks down for a 3-count.

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    We returned from a ruin to ogle Bobby Lashley already talking in the ring. The VIP Lounge region became once there, but MVP and Omos weren’t available but. The All Mighty spoke about MVP’s betrayal and invited him and Omos out to point why he did what he did.

    MVP came out on the stage, and the veteran allies traded insults. Lashley promised to toddle after MVP once he had handled Omos. He then proceeded to throw the total furnishings out of the ring.

    This became once more or much less a filler section. MVP did no longer affirm the leisure we did no longer already know, and Lashley correct acknowledged what we all knew he became once feeling. This will had been a short in the back of the curtain interview, now no longer a entire section.

    Grade: C-

    Important Moments and Observations

  • It became once so queer to reach back back to the affirm when Lashley became once midsentence. It appeared love any individual became once off with timing when he began.
  • Even a expansive and expansive retailer likely has to special-repeat suits for Omos.

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    Bianca Belair took on one-half of the veteran girls folks’s heed crew champions, Queen Zelina. The match started off with Zelina the exhaust of some odd offense to withhold the Raw girls folks’s champion at bay.

    As soon as the EST made a comeback, she quick hit the K.O.D. for the take. This became once a short, uneventful match that did no longer assert their accept as true with praises what either girl can attain, but it with out a doubt became once never intended to be competitive. It became once always correct the lead-in to the affirm of who may possibly well be the following challenger for the ladies folks’s title.

    Sonya Deville made her formulation out because the affirm went to a ruin. When the affirm returned, Deville congratulated Belair on her take at WrestleMania earlier than having her signal an open contract. After she signed, Deville printed that her next opponent would be her.

    She attacked Belair from in the back of and left her down and out. The match with Zelina became once nothing special, but seeing Deville ultimately getting back into the title hunt is going to be large. The affirm became once evident from a mile away, but it with out a doubt restful labored.

    Grade: C-

    Important Moments and Observations

  • Zelina’s fresh queen outfit is somewhat the getup.
  • Belair’s braid became once drastically shorter here than it became once at WrestleMania.
  • Belair pressing Zelina above her head appeared love it became once incredibly easy for her.

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    RK-Bro took on Alpha Academy in a heed crew match this week. If Chad Gable and Otis acquired, they earned a title shot. Within the event that they lost, they are able to also impartial never command RK-Bro again.

    Riddle started off against Gable and took modify nearly straight, but as soon as Otis became once tagged in, he entirely grew to become the tables and put the champions on protection.

    These two teams had been in several suits over the past few months. Whereas they always put on an true affirm, it be also an indictment of how cramped WWE’s heed crew division has become. Raw has so few teams that it wishes to order in The Usos from SmackDown correct to present RK-Bro a fresh feud.

    This match became once beautiful. It correct felt love something we accept as true with now got considered loads in the present day. Orton and Riddle scored the take, so Alpha Academy has to wait till one other crew wins the belts to skedaddle them again.

    The Usos arrived in the back of the curtain and made their formulation out to confront Orton and Riddle. Prior to too grand will be acknowledged, The Avenue Profits came out to weigh in on the command. This led to The Usos and Profits having a match.

    Grade: B

    Important Moments and Observations

  • Gable and Otis had been rocking some fresh gear tonight. It had a identical coloration procedure to most of the stuff Eddie Guerrero at risk of wear in WCW.
  • Chad Gable’s pre-match promo became once mainly correct him repeating lines he has acknowledged in earlier promos, but he is always laughable alongside with his shipping.
  • No matter how long he does the an identical proper gimmick, the team will always pop for Orton. He has a odd more or much less longevity, especially since his RKO is one amongst the most well liked finishers in WWE in the present day.

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    Jimmy Uso and Montez Ford started for their teams on this rotten-heed showdown. They started with a classic lockup and wristlock to obtain things going.

    As expected, this became once a competitive match between two of the smoothest teams in WWE. Every thing they attain has an further degree of pleasure to it because all four guys are so staunch.

    This match had laborious-hitting strikes, energy strikes and high spots galore. This became once positively the suitable match to ebook for the most considerable match since the team became once sizzling for the entire lot they did.

    Whereas all four guys did a good job here, Ford became once the determined standout. He had the handiest spots and the most memorable moments. He is going to be a worldwide champion ultimately. It be a matter of when, now no longer if.

    After a laborious-fought combat, The Usos scored the take. This firmly establishes that we will gaze RK-Bro vs. The Usos with both sets of titles on the line in some unspecified time in the future.

    The affirm became once very center-of-the-toll road, but the most considerable match and Rhodes vs. The Miz had been worth looking ahead to obvious.

    Grade: A

    Important Moments and Observations

  • Orton and Riddle sat at ringside but did no longer be part of commentary. Did they now no longer accept as true with sufficient headsets for guests on Monday?
  • This became once the principle time all night when it felt love Jerry Lawler became once taking note of the action in the ring. He became once filling in for Corey Graves whereas he became once on his honeymoon.
  • Ford laying aside both Usos with a dive and straight dancing in Orton and Riddle’s faces became once the handiest moment of the entire night.
  • The blockbuster Doomsday Tool the Profits hit to Jimmy appeared amazing.

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