World Info Even Doctors Can not Indicate

In this video, Mikhail Varshavski, DO — who goes by “Doctor Mike” on social media — looks at unexplainable world records.

Following is a transcript of the video (show veil that errors are doable):

Varshavski: Most knuckles cracked in 30 seconds. I mediate here’s my morning routine factual here. “Caught on Digicam — Dr. Mike’s Morning Routine!” I surely feel like I could perhaps well moreover beat this one. Oh, a cramp in the hamstring. Cramp in the hamstring!

Vocal cords are clearly what affords you the skill to inform and manufacture sound. The larynx is a muscle. By being in a neighborhood to govern that muscle — whether or now not you are stretching it out, you are shortening it — you for sure trade your skill to govern your pitch. Staunch like any other muscle, this muscle could perhaps be trained. That’s why now we bag vocal coaches.

Sam: Let’s search for how low which that you could perhaps well presumably moreover salvage.

Varshavski: Wasn’t that low?

Sam: I heard nothing. It was entirely quiet.

Varshavski: Precisely, it was that low?

What make we purchased here? Is that this an age-connected one? Wow! 116 as of March … is that this person restful alive, Sam?

Sam: Certain, she is restful alive.

Varshavski: Wow! So, 2 years older or 3 years older in general. Her birthday is coming up, so or now not it must be a solid 119 in about a days. Chuffed early birthday Kane Tanaka! You suspect she knows?

Kane Tanaka: I make now not know what that is.

Varshavski: Yep, there you recede. She goes, “I make now not know what here’s.” [Editor’s note: Ms. Tanaka passed away on April 19, 2022.]

Nicholas James Stoeberl: My name is Nicholas James Stoeberl and I truly bag the longest tongue in recorded historical past.

Varshavski: Wow.

Stoeberl: I mediate one among essentially the most precious issues that my tongue affords is surely now not having to exhaust a napkin.

Varshavski: It must be in vogue along with his companions.

Stoeberl: I exhaust my tongue truly to carry out, which that you could perhaps well presumably moreover call it, artwork. I type of like to paint on canvas utilizing acrylic.

Varshavski: All americans has purchased their thing. He paints along with his tongue that is highly long. It be the longest tongue in the field. I’m clear folks would be doing other issues with that tongue, however presumably it wasn’t safe for Guinness World Info to analyze extra.

What?! The longest time in an stomach plank space. K. Right here we are talking isometric contraction. We’re literally now not shortening, now not lengthening the fibers, however conserving them tight and engaged the total time.

Sam: Earlier than which that you could perhaps well presumably moreover seek, what’s your prediction for the longest plank?

Varshavski: I will enlighten something wild, 5 hours. In February 2020, George Hood planked for a rare 8 hours, 15 minutes. Does he bag a catheter in space? No arrangement! They save a catheter in, so he could perhaps well moreover pee.

Enter Daniel Scali. Three hours in and he’s conserving ideal produce. Segment of just like the article of conserving a plank is having surely solid shoulders apart from to a solid core. The core is now not factual your stomach muscle groups, or now not it is your obliques. It be your posterior erector spinae muscle groups. Five hours. Six hours.

Scali: The 6-hour designate came, the 7-hour designate came, my physique began to allege on me quite bit.

Varshavski: I can not even make anything else for 7 hours straight without taking a damage, and my man is planking.

Scali: I started to essentially vomit on myself.

Varshavski: He vomited while doing it. Perceive at this man. He didn’t want a catheter. He vomited while doing it.

Crowd: 3, 2, 1…

Varshavski: Popping out of it has purchased to be brutal too. Stop. Stop the video. We elect to provide him a legitimate spherical of applause. That’s so onerous. I attempted to make like 90 seconds. I’m like, “90? Come on. 60, 75.” This man, 9+ hours.

Isaac Johnson: I truly bag the biggest mouth in the field.

Varshavski: Biggest peek. I truly bag never referred to it as a peek. Wow, that is an open mouth. What number of McDonald’s cheeseburgers can Isaac slot in his mouth? Conclude I must grab the respond to that save a question to? He is carrying a Patriots shirt. I’m wondering if he has some laxity in his TMJ space or is factual anatomically here’s a identical outdated variation.

Jamie Keeton: I’m the Guinness World Info holder for essentially the most cans stuck to a human head.

Varshavski: The most drink cans placed on the head utilizing air suction. I’m fascinated. If a patient came to me and talked about, “cans follow my head,” I would be at a loss. I would now not know, must restful I refer? Should I write a case legend up? Like, here’s very queer.

Keeton: I went to a doctor. I walked in with a can of peanuts stuck to the side of my head and he goes, “How make you make that?” I recede, “That’s what I’m here for. I desire to learn how I make it.” He did about a issues and that is when he suggested me he thinks my pores and skin pores suck in oxygen and makes issues follow me, and that I’m literally like one among 4 in the field that he knows of.

Varshavski: What?! That’s essentially the most attention-grabbing thing. I’m wondering if there’s any medical negatives from this.

Keeton: A beefy can of peanuts. I factual…

Varshavski: Procure on. Is it … this has purchased to be a prank.

Keeton: This is real.

Varshavski: What’s the location? “His physique temperature is 100°F, which causes his pores and skin pores to act like suction cups. Keeton’s wounds heal quicker. He gets ill much less and ages slower than most.” Sticky pores and skin syndrome. Let’s salvage assist to the field records.

Longest length restraining four bikes. No, this appears like a medieval torture tool. Staunch bear in mind if this goes substandard and the gentleman loses an arm. Manufacture now not make this at home! Manufacture now not make this at work! There’s no reason to try this!

Can you concentrate on that man strolling into a bar? “Hi there, babe. What’s up? You know what I did closing evening? I tied up bikes to all of my limbs and let them pull me apart, and in addition they could not make it for 24 seconds. The formula you doing?”

I surely feel like which that you could perhaps well presumably moreover literally form anything else a legend at the same time as you truly desire it to be a legend. Allege them I did this eight occasions.

Varshavski: No person knows what’s the legend. Perceive at that. I factual establish the legend. Most consecutive muscle … yow. Oh man, muscle usaare so onerous. Tricep, lat, bicep, energy forearm, energy grip, so mighty is going on. A first rate produce too. Elegant produce. Wow, 26 is the legend. I surely feel like I truly bag viewed some dudes in Central Park that could perhaps well moreover presumably beat this. There are also some gymnasts that I surely feel like that is probably to be in a neighborhood to beat that.

Longest length beefy-physique contact with ice. That already sounds painful. The true chance with ice when it is a ways making beefy-physique contact is that it must truly burn your pores and skin. That’s why after I allege you set some ice to your injured shoulder or knee, I regularly enlighten save something in between because I make now not desire you to burn your pores and skin. That that you could perhaps well moreover literally device frostbite. This person is factual chilling.

He beat the earlier legend of two hours, 35 minutes. How mighty extra can he recede? His coronary heart rate is presumably so low. The reason you search for him shivering there’s he’s making an try and warmth up. About 3 hours and 28 seconds. I hope that or now not it is sponsored by these producers. Like who is doing that?

Whoa, his ear temperature is 33. That’s surely low, so he’s hypothermic.

Cathie Jung: I’m Cathie Jung and I’m in the intervening time in the Guinness E-book for the smallest waist on a residing person.

Varshavski: This is highly now not suggested and unhealthy. A few issues occur at the same time as you wear a waist coach like that. One, you birth truly weakening your core muscle groups because which that you could perhaps well presumably moreover very effectively be now not allowing them to amplify effectively and efficiency effectively. 2nd, you are also cramming your intestines from effectively performing peristalsis, which is that circulate of meals all the arrangement in which by arrangement of your physique. Then you definately are also affecting your breathing. As a result of in notify to breathe, your ribs settle on to amplify effectively and your diaphragm needs to lower. That’s why we focus on belly breathing. Whenever you occur to shallow breathe like that, you for sure lose a portion of your lungs by arrangement of a situation identified as atelectasis. But also or now not it is short lived. Whenever you occur to forestall carrying the corsets, this could occasionally return assist to identical outdated, and thank God for that. The human physique needs to shut assist to identical outdated.

Sultan Kösen: Sultan Kösen. 8 foot, 1 lope, 246.5 centimeters confirmed because the Guinness World Info‘ world’s tallest man.

Michael Powell: He has a pituitary tumor secreting a hormone called enhance hormone.

Varshavski: The pituitary gland is mostly identified as just like the master gland because it secretes some of a major hormones that truly stop up regulating in most cases other hormones. Every so veritably which that you could perhaps well presumably moreover bag a tumor grow in the pituitary gland, which is surely now not cancerous, on the opposite hand it is a ways one which produces more of a definite hormone. Furthermore, melanocytes, which secrete melanin, the cells that give your pores and skin pigment, truly are managed by melanocyte-stimulating hormone, which is also chanced on to your pituitary gland.

Female: How sizable are you?

Jyoti Kishanji Amge: 24 inches.

Varshavski: 24 inches, 2 toes.

Female: How was it to look in the “American Scare Account?”

Amge: The skills was hundreds of relaxing.

Varshavski: Oh, that is wintry.

Amge: I intend on doing more work in Hollywood.

Varshavski: That’s a large arrangement to allege something queer that is came about to you into a energy and into an asset. A first rate example of post-anxious enhance there.

What are we about to make? Most consecutive stairs climbed while balancing a person on the head. Who establish this legend in the first space? Wow! I truly bag bother doing a handstand, these guys are head-standing up steps. Properly deserved. Perceive at the fantastic-making an try region. This must restful be a double award, most enticing backdrop for consecutive stairs climbed with the person on the head.

I’m wondering how long they practiced for. Oh my God, can you concentrate on if they mess up? You collapse all these steps. Worst distress. What’s that this a contest for, Albert Einstein lookalikes?

Male: My sense of odor is utterly different from folks.

Varshavski: Oh, are these like hyper smellers? It be like hyperosmia or something.

Male: Assorted folks talked about, “We make now not odor that odor.” I talked about, “That that you could perhaps well moreover now not odor it, however I’m in a position to.”

Varshavski: It be surely honest, even supposing. There are some these which could perhaps be regarded as dapper spellers. In actual fact, we did a entire special episode tailored to an person who was a dapper smeller and can truly odor Parkinson’s on definite patients, at the side of her have husband.

Recall into consideration, the sense of odor is a chemical receptor. It be when a chemical binds to the olfactory epithelium interior your nose and it begins sending nerve signals to your mind in notify for you to grab what that chemical is.

The longest nose on a residing person belongs to this person. Staunch because his nose is long would not mean for that reason he has this kind of enormous sense of odor. Recall into consideration, here’s a neurological phenomenon that is taking place.

But I will enlighten which that you could perhaps well presumably moreover’t bag disturbances to your anatomy. The olfactory cleft could perhaps be higher or smaller in some folks, or blocked off in others, where it could well moreover resolve whether or now not or now not which that you could perhaps well presumably moreover bag gotten a solid sense of odor. The olfactory region in dogs in comparability to folks is so mighty better. Like 40,000 occasions better.

Click here for a doctor day in the life. I literally recede search for a dermatologist to salvage my explore injected. That’s factual. I heed it would not form quite about a sense, so click here to seek it. Frosty day, a day in the life of a doctor. Click here. As regularly, have blissful and wholesome, however most importantly, click here.

Mike Varshavski, DO, is a board-licensed household doctor and social media influencer with more than 9 million subscribers.

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