Witness: Mike Tyson hugs man who pulled a gun at a comedy shriek

Mike Tyson has loads of feathers to his cap but will we add armed disaster negotiator to his list of achievements?

The feeble world heavyweight champion, now 55, used to be at a comedy membership this week in Hollywood, California when one patron, for reasons we can’t somewhat figured out, determined to a pull a gun for the duration of a one amongst the shows. The person rapid made an are trying and leave, including that him pulling the fun used to be designed as a shaggy dog fable and never as a possibility or an act of intimidation.

Moments later though, the person seen that Tyson used to be amongst these in the viewers and rapid moved to expose the boxing icon to expose him how worthy he meant to him.

“If it wasn’t for you, we wouldn’t have not any inspiration,” he said in the video, which used to be purchased by TMZ. Tyson then beckoned the person over and additionally they first shook arms after which embraced.

Take a look at out the photos below:


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