What’s Baker Mayfield’s contemporary market price?

According to a contemporary document, the Cleveland Browns are willing to “sweeten the pot” in a exchange equipment to facilitate a deal for Baker Mayfield.

After Mayfield didn’t reduction voluntary OTAs, Albert Breer of the Monday Morning Quarterback reported that the Browns are willing to supply up more to fall the disgruntled archaic No. 1 grab.

Browns supply to ‘sweeten the pot’ on Baker Mayfield exchange I THE HERD

Amid reports that the Cleveland Browns are taking a watch to sweeten the deal for a Baker Mayfield exchange, Colin Cowherd appears to be at all 32 NFL teams and tries to narrow the marketplace for the Cleveland quarterback.

Colin Cowherd has a beautiful sturdy belief on the subject, stating that even by “sweetening the pot,” there is no longer powerful of a marketplace for the Browns’ quarterback.

“The quiz to me on right here’s Baker Mayfield above the shoulders. Does he behold himself as a franchise man, or a bridge man?” Cowherd said. “He views himself as a franchise man. View, you cannot bring him in to compete for the job. That is no longer who he’s. He views himself as a archaic No. 1 grab, a man that won in Cleveland. He is got a chip on his shoulder, and that’s the explanation correct. But he doesn’t behold himself as a bridge man.”

Cowherd is concerned that there are easiest three teams the place Mayfield would possibly perhaps match: The Unusual York Giants, Unusual Orleans Saints, and the Carolina Panthers

The impediment there elements lend a hand to Cowherd’s long-established assertion. In all three of these eventualities, Mayfield would favor to compete for a starting jam. In Carolina, there’d be Sam Darnold to compete in opposition to. In Unusual York, there’s Daniel Jones, and in Unusual Orleans, it’d be between him and Jameis Winston for the starting jam.

“I never sign the total fanboys available in the market trying to defend the Johnny Manziels and the Bakers,” Cowherd said. “You plan salvage that if the most well-known crew doesn’t poke true, which you will most certainly be in a position to smartly be going to war in this league to salvage a 2nd job on legend of which you will most certainly be in a position to smartly be too great of a personality to be a backup.”

Marcellus Wiley shared the same belief to Cowherd on the subject.

“He is broadcasting the signal to every diversified crew available in the market, his future employers, that he quiet doesn’t salvage it,” Wiley said. “This is the moment you worth up at college no subject how gleaming which you will most certainly be in a position to smartly be and give the instructor an apple. 

“You would no longer be the person in this league that become the No. 1 grab with a chip to your shoulder. It become shiny then, nonetheless now it be been flipped into conceitedness and a lack of self-awareness. He wants a life coach.”

All of it appears to come lend a hand lend a hand to Mayfield’s mentality. The NFL is an ever-altering league the place many quarterbacks like realized that if you occur to proceed hanging onto previous accomplishments or setbacks, you are going to be left in the lend a hand of. 

While Mayfield is positively one among the top-25 quarterbacks in the league, even with the Browns “sweetening the pot,” he would possibly perhaps quiet be in a much less-than opportune verbalize this season. 

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