VisiCalc Executable for the IBM PC (1999)

The popular VisiCalc program that ran on the IBM PC in 1981 peaceful runs on lately’s PCs. I in fact agree with incorporated it right here, with the form permission of Lotus who now owns the copyright, for folks to are attempting themselves. You should possibly come by it to your PC and dawdle it under Windows or DOS. It is miles most effective 27,520 bytes lengthy (smaller than many GIFs and JPGs on the on-line).

This version of the program is terribly an such as the popular VisiCalc that first came out on the Apple II in 1979. It has a few extra aspects: a “Dwelling” key, make stronger for four arrow keys, a few extra instructions including /E for modifying the contents of a cell, and upper and decrease case letters. This version used to be for DOS 1.0, which didn’t agree with directories, so it will most effective get right of entry to recordsdata in the present list. The popular version as shipped had reproduction safety. This one doesn’t, even though it is peaceful lined by a license settlement.

Place in thoughts: To forestall, utilize “/SQY” (Storage, Stop, Yes).

The executable is on hand for come by in a zipper file. Safe the zip file by

clicking right here

, finding out the license settlement, and whenever you happen to agree, clicking on the “I Agree, Initiating up the Safe” hyperlink at the bottom of the net page. Set up the file to disk as “” and extract the contents: “VC.COM”. The VC.COM file is a old-customary DOS executable and would possibly possibly be dawdle, checked for viruses, etc. Whenever you happen to lift out it in Windows by double-clicking on the file in Windows Explorer, it will dawdle in an MSDOS window by itself, treasure this:

VisiCalc running in an MSDOS window

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This net net net page has more than factual field material about VisiCalc — test out the

dwelling net page


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