Video: Modders Are Already Doing Absolutely Crazy Issues In Zelda: Ocarina Of Time’s PC Port

Limitless potentialities

We have heard how there are already mods for the unofficial PC port of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, and we now bear seen some in dawdle.

Now, we bear a for a ways longer showcase – demonstrating what else would possibly perchance well perchance additionally additionally be completed in this catch of the game, courtesy of YouTube Channel Josh Busker. In actual fact, the PC mod has broken free from the restrictions and limitations of the authentic 1998 originate.

Players can spawn in enemies, NPCs and even bosses wherever they like they most steadily can expand the alternative of gadgets on show cloak staunch away – without needing to concern as great about performance elements. There are all sorts of potentialities – equivalent to having to fend off Shadow Hyperlink while taking over Ganondorf. Or now now not it is somewhat wild!

To catch a higher idea of how this PC port of Ocarina of Time works, make trail you check up on our old protection:

[source youtu.be]

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