Video: 7 Nintendo Swap Games Peculiar To Japan That We Truly Desire Localised

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Please carry Yo-Kai Glance 4 and Dragon Quest X to the west.


Dragon quest 10 and yo kai stare 4 are the two I settle on the most, rather constructive they have been half of method by localisation on yo kai stare 4 as smartly. Also they Introduced the major to kai stare to the change as smartly in Japan


Yokai Glance 4 has fan translation that unfortunately only goes to chapter 2


I precise fair nowadays began taking part in my first Dragon Quest game (I started with the major). I would cherish extra to method to Swap so I’m in a position to work by them.


DQX (now not lower than the offline version), Yokai Glance 4 and Megaton Musashi MUST strategy over to the West.

Nintendo, grab Stage 5 already!


@Farts_Ahoy Your message is the single one on this thread thus some distance which does now not mention Dragon Quest.

Are you able to potentially alternate that? You would possibly very smartly be breaking the dart…


I’m taken aback no one’s brought up Mother 3 yet. I honestly idea that changed into as soon as the total point of this listing.


No longer to mention classics like Baroque and Ar Nosurge which had western localisations on older consoles but aloof have not got them on Swap.


Japan SNES NSO bought FE3 and FE4 so it might possibly possibly possibly presumably be good if these bought localized.


I’m so chuffed that each person else wants yo-kai stare 4 to be localized! (Heck precise carry serve the total franchise over right here since of us settle on extra Pokémon like video games)


Yes appears to be like we opt an operation rainfall #2.

As I’d like to seem dragon quest X especially whe; the likelihood of getting dragon quest 12 on the change is presumably now not going to happen.


Yokai stare 4 changed into as soon as purported to happen but changed into as soon as cancelled when stage-5 launched they aren’t localizing their video games in English anymore and won’t outsource them both.


I wonder what came about to Yokai stare. They really tried to build it the next Pokemon, with tall push in commercial and promotions and now they fake it would now not exist,

I mean, I don’t care about the series. However I rep silly how they dropped. Maybe western audiences would now not care about jap mythologies ample to soar precise into a yet every other Pokeclone?


The Crayon Shin-Chan game appears to be really intellectual so it might possibly possibly possibly presumably be a shame if it beneath no conditions launched within the west. It’ll very smartly be a distinct section game, however the localisation of Doraemon: Account of Seasons has given me hope that my well-liked Jap characters to at closing strategy on western shores.


All are gargantuan mentions, but I really feel DQ X offline has the single likelihood.


DQ X i constantly look right here but I don’t blame anybody right here asking for it.

It really have to aloof be localized.


I’m aloof expecting Yo-Kai Glance 4. I changed into as soon as easy wrathful when it said that it changed into as soon as coming teach aspect, but I’ve misplaced a lot of hope sense then. Hope it will aloof strategy at closing


Nice to seem so many mentions of DQX On-line. Despite the indisputable truth that having downloaded the free client , played on Swap with Google translate then on PC with some unbelievable translation apps followers made.. the game is fun but is for sure displaying it’s age. The offline version being a separate game appears to be like a intellectual replacement for Sq. Enix to thrill western followers without working servers etc for an on-line game that might possibly presumably seemingly have a restricted viewers.


A Shin Chan free up with the Funimation solid might possibly presumably be unbelievable.


Where’s the caricature Konami baseball game!!!!


Have not watched the video yet, but per the photos alone, Steel Canines desires to method to the West, like the day previous.


…They already localized a Shin-Chan game, why can’t they create out this one? >:c

Looks love it might possibly possibly possibly presumably be method extra fun than the one we did come by, which changed into as soon as in total a mobile runner game.


After Dragon Quest 10, I would cherish to seem Dragon Quest Heroes 1 + 2 strategy over right here with extra acceptable frame rates.



Dragon Quest X, the burly-on MMO! I settle on a intellectual MMO on Swap, and the Dragon Quest IP is supreme.

  • Ni No Kuni Immoral Worlds furthermore might possibly presumably be supreme for Swap!


@anoyonmus Yeah, but it might possibly most likely be the OFFLINE Version. They’ll precise tumble “Offline” from the title, because, as evidenced by titles like Dragon Quest of the Stars, NOBODY’S exciting to commit to an MMORPG Dragon Quest as extra special as they’d on Closing Delusion XIV On-line. Moreover, Americans take FInal Delusion over Dragon Quest, any day!

I mean, where Dragon Quest sticks to the same ancient-normal atmosphere and fight system, Closing Delusion adjustments with the seasons, and we bought settings as ancient as Cornelia or the Kingdom Baron, or Victorian-styled settings like FFVI, or Fashionable Closing Delusion settings like the realm of the Gardens (FFVIII), Midgar (FFVII), and Eos (FFXV)! And where Dragon Quest has the same-ancient turn-primarily primarily based fight machine, Closing Delusion kept evolving with the times, from Turn-primarily primarily based to Active Timed Fight, to Action-oriented Battles ala Kingdom Hearts! And most evident of all, where the Hero changed into as soon as welcomed with “HOES MAD,” SEPHIROTH changed into as soon as welcomed with “NO FREAKIN’ WAAAAAAY!!!”

In a lot of words, it is most of us that says it only: FInal Delusion is BETTER than Dragon Quest! Now, contend with where you belong, in my reminiscences!


@DK-Fan I judge they precise milked that series dry. Too many video games, anime, manga, merch etc in too rapid a length burnt of us out. No longer stunning enthusiastic in it changed into as soon as (and stays) their only mega hit. Bit like Activision with Guitar Hero serve within the day.

Yokai Glance changed into as soon as constantly rather too Jap to be the rest above a cult fave within the west but intellectual play they did are trying but it beneath no conditions bought any place. I mean I purchased the major 2 video games over right here designate novel for £4.00 every, that might possibly well very smartly be a signal of a flop.


@Anti-Matter As any individual who likes Yokai Glance, I’m in a position to safely squawk I’ve now not got any hobby within the human hotfoot-off. It in total bought rid of what made the series gargantuan in my eyes. 4 might possibly very smartly be a step down from the a lot of video games within the series, but now not lower than it continues the stuff that made the series what it changed into as soon as within the major situation.



I like Yokai Glance Jam for some aim as I like the produce of Jinpei transformation fabricate as Kengo Benimaru, Wild Boy, Blue Moon, NOA Walker, etc. I’ve watched some episodes of Yokai Glance Jam anime from YouTube.

Also, it has Chibi fabricate within the game, they regarded adorable in Chibi fabricate.


I must play that Baseball game that has the “Rayman / Kirby style characters” in it. Appears to be like love it might possibly possibly possibly presumably be fun.



Shocked yokai stare 4 beneath no conditions got right here to the west.



I must play Illmatic Envelope Swamp, aka Illvelo



If truth be told Yo-Kai Glance 4, Dragon Quest X (offline), and Megaton Musashi in my e-book. Unfortunately, YW4 is the least seemingly out of the bunch now that Stage-5 unfortunately is now not really in publishing outdoors of Japan.


YK4 & DQ X offline is what I really settle on. On the opposite hand, I really don’t look them coming and time soon. Appears to be like unfamiliar that they’ve now not strategy already to the Swap within the West which is promoting like hotcakes.


There have been approximately 279 Yokai Glance video games localised for the 3DS yet we are in a position to’t come by even one Yokai game localised for the Swap. There are this type of number of JRPG and visual novels on the eshop which have been localised that I’ve beneath no conditions heard of that won’t promote that I’m in a position to’t understand this at all


Yo Kai Glance 4 changed into as soon as being localised for the West and there has been no info on that being cancelled


@KBuckley27 Stage-5 shut down their North American operations. That is rather extra special a cancellation.


Any Culdcept game on Swap (japan)?


Man…I aloof don’t understand why localization is aloof an afterthought to some builders/publishers. There might be clearly a stage of interrogate for all these video games, and there might be already better than ample as much as date-day examples and AAA publishers who’ve localized video games. Even Koei Tecmo, as slack as they are with a burly one-year look forward to a world free up, aloof takes localization into consideration.


@Bearzilla823 MLB vitality professionals? There might be a version on the Wii (in actuality 2). It is some distance fun. I would grab a transformation version


I wanna come by Tabe-o-ja, but then I stare on the characters and it creeps me out a diminutive.


I’m aloof constructive Dragon Quest X Offline will come by a world free up within the long term. Whereas Sq. Enix explicitly shot down the secure version coming to the west within the anniversary circulate, they didn’t squawk the rest about the Offline version now not coming to the west precise a diminutive while afterwards. There shouldn’t be any explanation for it to now not come by localized, it might possibly possibly possibly presumably precise strategy after the Jap free up since it aloof desires to be translated.

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