Tory Lanez Denies Referencing His Court Case With Megan Thee Stallion In Contemporary Track “Mucky James.”  Is This Supreme Freedom Of Speech?

Rapper Tory Lanez denies talking relating to the his case with Megan Thee Stallion in the unique song Mucky James. The controversy arose since the song comprises lyrics that would catch the “Hiss It” rapper in bother with the case. Tory says it’s his “freedom of speech.

Tory Lanez


Tory Lanez replied to accusations that his unique song Mucky James is talking on his court case with Megan Thee Stallion, which may per chance perchance well well be a violation of a court repeat.

The “Hiss It” rapper tweeted to vehemently recount the song referenced Meg and pleaded with followers to no longer head there.

“I’m no longer talking about my court on my song #Muckyjames, I glance all these blogs making an try to connect the 2, and actually I if truth be told occupy more sense than that, please raze that legend.”

Tory Lanez by process of Twitter

I’m no longer talking about my court case on the song #MuckyJames …. I glance all these blogs making an try to connect the 2 … and actually I if truth be told occupy more sense than that . I’d no longer play with the court repeat or the mediate fancy that … please raze that legend .

— Tory Lanez (@torylanez) April 11, 2022

Lanez continued, “I’ll insist whatever the fuck I have to, and feel no scheme about it. We catch so fearful of how folks purchase our opinions on these apps that we fail to remember our freedom to the thoughts we mediate, occupy your freedom of speech unapologetically.”

In the song, “Mucky James” Lanez raps, 

“I’m starting to present fancy zero fucks about how it’s going down they fight to blackball me for cash however I ain’t going out I suggested myself I’ll raze this bullshit and no longer keep up a correspondence up more.”  

Lyrics – Mucky James by Tory Lanez

Later in the song, Lanz cryptically sings about being at a high point in his profession and being location advantage by a ‘bitch.’

I used to be at a high in my profession, you watched I’d originate that shit, you on some boring shit, I don’t have to originate that shit, I’m in a position to’t lie temporarily that bitch came and break shit. Hey Tory raze talking about it, I need I’ll per chance perchance well however dawg I’m only human, as soon as in some time that shit be getting to me.”

Lyrics – Mucky James by Tory Lanez

The “Rob it” rapper was unbiased lately detained for discussing the Megan Thee Stallion case on Twitter final month. Lanez‘s trial towards theWAPrapper will resume on September 14th.

Essentially primarily based on Rolling Stone’s writer, Nancy Dillon, Lanez was cuffed and introduced into custody for violating court orders in the case.

Dillon tweeted Tory was in custody for no longer adhering to non-public and protecting contact orders imposed on him by the mediate. Tory was also assigned a bail of $350,000.

“Tory Lanez was handcuffed in court till he posts unique bail of $350,000 Megan Thee Stallion criminal assault case. The mediate chanced on him in violation of the discovery protecting repeat and non-public contact repeat.”

Nancy Dillon by process of Twitter

Tory Lanez unbiased lately made subliminal references to Megan and her boyfriend, Pardison Fontaine, on social media and in his music. This would perchance perchance well need been the motive of the court’s decision to quote him for violation of the restraining repeat.

In the meantime, Tory Lanez dropped a controversial unique document titled “CAP”. In it, he throws subliminal lyrics on the H-town hottie and her boyfriend, songwriter Pardi Fontaine.

Fontaine and Tory had been in a Twitter spat when Pardi defended his female friend Megan Thee Stallion. Megan also shared on her Instagram yarn that her social media accounts are riddled with threats of violence and loss of life. She also included a put up saying, “Megan needs to catch shot and killed.”

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