“There’s Gross Out There”: Earn. Charlie Crist on Florida, DeSantis, and Disney

This week Actual thru the Hive cohost Joe Hagan talks to Florida congressman Charlie Crist, outdated Republican and onetime governor, relating to the culture wars emanating from his home direct and from Governor Ron DeSantis namely. As DeSantis passes discriminatory new criminal guidelines focusing on homosexual and trans of us, generating cultural-warfare bile for a ability presidential bustle, Crist is betting DeSantis is a “paper tiger” who is weaker than he looks. “I mediate he’s terribly vulnerable,” he says. “[His] toughen is a mile extensive and an run deep.” 

Taking a page from Joe Biden’s playbook against Donald Trump in 2020, Crist thinks voters secretly settle on civility over bullying, Disney over DeSantis, even though recent polling reveals DeSantis trouncing Crist in a theoretical matchup. “I’m an optimist, I’m idealistic, and I mediate correct will triumph over snide,” Crist says. 

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