The Final Of Us Portion II Modder Proves Abby After all Is Invincible

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The Final of Us Portion II’s greatest badass is so no longer easy even weapons can’t abolish her. That’s as a minimum according to the U.Okay.-essentially based modder Speclizer, who extinct mods to experiment with varied systems of breaking Prankish Canines’s PlayStation 4 swansong in repeat to set apart some longstanding player-held “myths” to the test.

Spoilers educate for The Final of Us Portion II, which got right here out two years ago.

A yellow banner warns people from stumbling into spoilers about TLOU2.

First released two years ago, The Final of Us Portion II is a educate-up to Prankish Canines’s apocalypse survival game The Final of Us, which broke floor as a epic tour de drive in 2013. Portion II begins off years later, showcasing the placid idyll of the characters, but rapidly kills off Joel, the persona you play as for (most of) the first game. For Portion II, you play as Ellie, the diversified fundamental persona from the first one, on a quest for revenge. Your intention is to abolish a girl named Abby, who’s in an instant accountable for killing Joel.

Partway thru the game, on the level the assign you suspect the epic is with out warning approaching the enact line, the views swap. You play thru the events you just performed thru from Abby’s level of note, in fact doubling the game’s size. (This artistic resolution proved controversial on the time; guidelines prohibited reviewers from revealing the twist, so many avid gamers had been caught off-guard.) At the conclude, Abby and Ellie face off. It is miles an emotionally confusing scene, to speak the least.

Speclizer’s first test: Are you able to with out a doubt abolish Abby in that final fight? (Within the trendy-or-garden, unmodded game she the least bit times survives.) To uncover, they modded weapons into the fight. Shoot Abby typically with an automatic rifle? Invincible. Resort an ax in her trapezius? She will get valid inspire up. Nope: Abby is in fact unkillable.

One other delusion tested: Can Ellie set apart Joel? Speclizer has Ellie no-clip into the room the assign Joel dies ahead of he’s formally executed for, but the handful of placeholder NPCs in there don’t even sight Ellie plugging rounds into them. (Needs to be Abby’s cousins.) In a while, when Abby’s pinned down by a sniper (who occurs to be Joel’s brother), Speclizer zips Abby to the sniper’s post. He, too, is invincible. Sensing a pattern?

Perchance the framing of the video itself is fairly ordinary. (Why are these myths even “myths” in the first self-discipline? It’s no longer like modding would per chance…swap the epic outcomes of a game, especially one as rigidly produced as The Final of Us Portion II.) However the outcomes are nonetheless engaging.

Speclizer, who did no longer acknowledge to a test of for commentary in time for publication, acknowledged in a commentary they’re enraged about turning this correct into a series. My vote? Mod the horse correct into a unicorn.

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