The Birch Luxe Pure Mattress Is a Plush, Supportive Mattress With a Excessive-Cease Feel

I’ve been fortunately snoozing on a reminiscence foam mattress that I love for a pair of 365 days, however the mattress in regarded as one of my other bedrooms stays the very mature, very dilapidated latex mattress that I’d sold when I first moved to Unusual York Metropolis a long time ago. So when it turned into as soon as time to test mattresses right here at SELF, I jumped at the probability to try an pork up. 

From my cursory study over time about what create of mattress could well work finest for me, I knew I turned into as soon as in quest of one who had medium enhance—no longer too soft that I have faith love I’m sinking too noteworthy into the mattress, however also no longer too company that my shoulder joints could presumably be in trouble. I’m a aspect sleeper and my accomplice, who is amenable to most snoozing surfaces, voiced no preferences, so I looked for one who is seemingly to be essentially the most versatile for various snoozing positions. 

I landed on the Birch by Helix Luxe Pure mattress, a medium-company hybrid mattress that makes spend of layers of every latex and cotton, wool padding, and coils. It appealed to me for its reliance on licensed eco-friendlier materials love pure latex, cotton, and wool, and for its cozy-attempting topper. 

After over three weeks of sorting out, I’ve learned the Luxe Pure Mattress to be a satisfied and a limited of company mattress that doesn’t give me any aches or trouble. (A feat!) Be taught on for my fat Birch mattress evaluation and thoughts.

Sleep Quality

I spent years going thru better encourage trouble, especially all around the shoulder blades, sooner than I realized that maybe my mature mattress turned into as soon as partial accountable—I fair assumed it turned into as soon as my depraved posture since I spent most of my day hunched over a notebook computer at work. I first switched out my mattress with a brand unusual one (the reminiscence foam mattress) final 365 days, and my encourage trouble has improved significantly. So I knew that this could presumably be a important order of consideration as I tested mattresses for this project—whether or no longer I started feeling any of these lingering encourage trouble again. 

I turned into as soon as a limited of anxious about this ingredient since I am an indecent aspect sleeper; I generally wake up to web my body tightly scrunched true into a fetal order, with my fair arm clamped securely below my body. After reading some experiences I turned into as soon as sharp that the medium firmness of the Birch would procure it uncomfortable for aspect sleepers love me. Luckily, I’m overjoyed to yarn that I slept very effectively on the Birch mattress and didn’t ride any joint trouble or body aches.  


The Birch Luxe Pure Mattress is a medium-company mattress that aspects a hybrid constructing, meaning it makes spend of every spring coils and latex, along with other layers of cotton and wool padding. I undoubtedly web hybrid mattresses, that are supposed to procure a layer of springy enhance, in contrast to coil-much less mattresses. I even hang learned that they feel extra immense and don’t procure me feel love I am sinking too noteworthy true into a mattress. The Birch delivered on this; you’ll feel such as you’re snoozing on the mattress, no longer sinking in.


It is a satisfied mattress that is surprisingly company—it’s undoubtedly stiffer than my reminiscence foam mattress, which is also a hybrid style. I love the feeling of enjoyable true into a reminiscence foam mattress when I first procure into mattress after a long day so, at the initiating, I turned into as soon as jumpy that my body wouldn’t answer effectively to the firmness of the Birch. I turned into as soon as pleasantly stunned, on the choice hand; whereas it’s correct that the Birch doesn’t give me that identical cloud-love sensation, I in actuality loved snoozing on this firmer-feeling mattress. Plus the Birch has a soft plush veil, which provides it a luxurious feel. 


I tested this mattress true thru a fair frigid spring in upstate Unusual York, so I by no blueprint felt too sizzling or stifled whereas snoozing on it. I also are seemingly to procure frigid at night, so I want the full warmth I’m in a position to procure. I’m in a position to’t reveal whether anyone who tends to sleep sizzling would fare effectively with this one, however the plush veil feels fair breathable, and it did protect me cooler than my reminiscence foam mattress, which is manufactured from self-discipline cloth that is identified for trapping heat.

A Risk-Free Trial Period

Fancy many mattress-in-a-box firms, Helix provides a 100-day trial for its Birch mattresses, with the caveat that or no longer it is a must always hang to wait 30 days sooner than initiating a return. The firm calls this period its 30-Day Atomize-In Period, noting that snoozing on a brand unusual mattress requires some getting prone to, since the mattress could well merely be stiffer when you occur to first procure it. If, after the 30 days, you way stop that the Birch is never any longer for you, that that it is probably going you’ll inaugurate a return on the Birch internet enviornment, after which it’ll be picked up from inside your order. The firm says that flippantly prone mattresses are donated to charities when likely or are given to “elimination companions” for recycling.


Our sleep consultants illustrious that when you occur to fragment a mattress with a accomplice who has vastly a complete lot of snoozing preferences than you, then in quest of a mattress that has an adjustable functionality, love mattresses stuffed with air or ones that enable for various firmness or materials on a complete lot of facets, could well merely be essential to you. The Birch Luxe Mattress is never any longer an adjustable mattress, so I didn’t review this ingredient in our criteria.

Motion Switch

Likewise, when you occur to fragment a mattress with anyone, breeze transfer is one other essential ingredient to retain in thoughts whereas in quest of a mattress. The Birch Luxe Pure Mattress performs gorgeous on this order: You’ll scrutinize breeze from your accomplice if they are getting up or down, however nothing overly bouncy or disruptive. I learned the breeze transfer of the Birch to be about reasonable. 


Birch’s promoting point looks to be to be the better-pause, organic materials that Helix makes spend of on its Birch impress. Birch makes spend of cotton, Unusual Zealand wool, organic cashmere, and sustainably sourced latex. Its materials are licensed by various eco-acutely aware institutes, meaning they’ve been tested and verified to be freed from plug off-gassing chemicals and are sustainably harvested. As anyone who looks to be to procure extra deliberate choices by the spend of what goes into my home, I most in style lustrous extra about the put the materials reach from and how they’ve been tested. 

Bottom line

Overall I’ve slept very effectively and with ease in the weeks that I’ve tested the Birch Luxe Pure mattress, and I learned it to be an infinite want that holds up effectively when when when put next with my favourite reminiscence foam mattress. Plus the mattress lives up to its establish with good, luxurious-feeling veil and top class materials. My one expose is that I judge it’s fair company and whereas I didn’t hang a problem, it’d merely be too company for some aspect sleepers. Alternatively, when you occur to’re a encourage sleeper or a aspect sleeper who requires extra enhance, this one is known as a pleasant match for you.

Taking a survey to expend a brand unusual mattress at a slit impress? Forward of Memorial Day weekend, there are a complete lot of mattresses on sale fair now.

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