Tekashi69’s Monetary  Flip-Flop: I’m Broke… No I’m No longer… Certain I Am!

Tekashi69’s clown-foolery has been on elephantine indicate and he can’t appear to construct up his mind as to whether or no longer to play broke or effectively off. He appropriate advised a think he’s broke to lead clear of paying in a lawsuit and days later flashed over one million in money for the gram. Now he’s announcing that money changed into counterfeit.

Tekashi69 x Fake Money


Tekashi69 wants all americans to know that he’s certainly effectively and undoubtedly broke.  And that’s appropriate days after he received on the gram to floss his luxury autos and count out over $1.5 million in money.  Days forward of that, the rap troll advised a think his gain price changed into “decrease than zero.”

6ix9ine showed up for an interview on TMZ Live to instruct the tale Monday with one other financial flip-flop. When host Harvey Levin introduced up the $1 million in restitution he owed and his financial bother claim, 6ix9ine spoke back,

“I ain’t received it glorious now,” he then restated it again announcing “I ain’t received it.  And that changed into prop money. I ain’t received it.”

Tekashi changed into relating to the $1.5 million money he counted out are living on Instagram as he bragged about his “genuine life” and riches.  He then went on to explain TMZ that he changed into doing it involved by leisure.

 “I’m an entertainer and obviously, we speaking about it, so I did a pretty appropriate job at piquant americans… You know the system you’ve a stage in law? I have a stage in leisure,” added the rapper.

He insisted to TMZ that he had been playing with prop money after pleading with a think that a lawsuit introduced by two theft victims ran the agonize of bankrupting him.  His attorney equipped receipts to visual display unit how down and out 69 is, telling the think that the rapper’s gain price is “decrease than zero.” 

This previous weekend, 6ix9ine shared a video showcasing himself strolling out of the garage with a massive stack of cash as he boasted, “That is de facto my every day life,” whereas he showed off an array of jewellery, luxury autos and watches.

In diverse Tekashi madness, he continues to develop his comeback off the assist of Fivio International. He at present fired one other missile at the “We Wander Up” rapper, but this time Fivio hit assist.  

Fivio International received wind of the missive and made up our minds he had ample with the “GINE” rapper. Responding for the final time, Fivio took to his Instagram to command, “And right here is why I don’t reply to these lame ass weirdo clout disappear’n niggas”.  He then uncovered Tekashi’s counterfeit clout announcing, “You might perchance per chance well buy YouTube views but you might perchance per chance well presumably’t buy chart positions,” he added.


Written by Aevum Caelum

Aevum is a local Georgia creative who writes and attracts of their spare time whereas furthermore taking half in animation, video video games, politics, govt, etc. Their current artists are Amine, Doechii, Whitney Houston, Kota the Friend, Doja Cat, Eminem, Lil Nas X, etc.

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