T.I. Snatches Mic From Comedian Who Joked About His And Little’s Sexual Assault Allegations

T.I. is the most trendy massive determine to possess a mosey-in with a comic, snatching a mic after tempers flared following a joke referencing the sexual assault allegations levied in opposition to him and his wife, Little Harris, in 2021. The incident, which came about on Monday night (April 4) in some unspecified time in the future of an originate mic match at Our Bar ATL in Tip’s space of birth, became as soon as captured on video and surfaced online. The clip begins with T.I. shouting obscenities on the host of the match, comic Lauren Knight.

“There became as soon as no fu*king crime. There would possibly maybe be nothing to fee me for, or my wife,” T.I. acknowledged to Knight from the target market sooner than interrupting her as soon as more. “Shut the fu*okay up for a 2d! Hello, pay consideration. No, no, no. As many cases as you joke on that sh*t, na, I’m gonna test yo mother fkinfolk’ ass as lengthy because it takes. Na, must you discontinuance talking about it, must you discontinuance taking part in with me and mine, I’ma discontinuance announcing one thing.”

The Immense Hustler persevered on his tirade, adding, “Ain’t no mother fu*king case, ain’t beneath no circumstances been no mother fu*king case. ’Cause I ain’t did nothing impolite and my wife ain’t did nothing impolite. And must you withhold on taking part in with me, na, I’m gon’ mother fu*kinfolk’ proceed to confront you publicly, verbally.”

From there, Knight expressed her belief that the sexual assault allegations in opposition to T.I. and his wife possess been faux, as well to acknowledging that no charges possess been filed in opposition to the couple so a ways. “T.I. is harmless. I in actuality imagine it,” Knight acknowledged. “Give it up for him. There are no charges.”

However, Knight’s olive division didn’t sit down effectively with Tip, who spoke back by warning the comic to “discontinuance taking part in” with him, which prompted Knight to clap wait on in her defense, pointing out that she became as soon as handiest doing her job. “Here’s not a rap fight. Here’s a mother fkinfolk’ comedy camouflage,” she acknowledged, as T.I. walked onstage to embody her. “And be particular, if I want to produce jokes about one thing, I’ll produce jokes about one thing. Fully. You’re not going to uncover me to shut the fu*okay up in my sh*t. Here’s my sh*t. Let’s be very particular.”

T.I., mute onstage alongside Knight, then snatched the mic from her sooner than responding, “No it’s not,” which ended in his mic correct now being lower off. Tuesday evening (April 5), Knight took to Instagram to address the alternate, accusing T.I. of interrupting her in the course of her net hosting responsibilities and performing belligerently.

“I’m talking about marriage and sh*t [and] he retains decreasing me off, telling me to ‘shut the fu*okay [up],’ calling me all forms of b*tches—heckling me,” Knight explained. “So, I’m admire, ‘Alright, c’mon. Conclude taking part in with me. It’s crazy, admire, you withhold going and I will’t tell nothing to you.”

But, it became as soon as when T.I. ordered Knight to expend her wig off, that she determined that she had had ample and determined to reference the sexual abuse allegations in an strive to even the rating.

“I acknowledged, ‘Alright, I’ll expend my wig off must you remark on the allegations,” Knight recalled. “No one became as soon as tight, with the exception of for him. No one called him a rapist. I spoke back to him telling me—in a room fat of of us—to trail my wig off, and made a joke staunch admire he did. So must you gotta a topic with it, not mine.”

T.I.’s bump into with Knight comes per week after Will Smith’s now-wicked slap of comic Chris Rock on the Oscars following a joke Rock made about Smith’s wife, Jada Pinkett-Smith, which has resulted in an overwhelming quantity of backlash towards the Easiest Actor winner.

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