‘Staunch World’ critical individual Danny Roberts reflects on Julie’s alleged homophobic letter

“The Staunch World: Fresh Orleans” critical individual Danny Roberts is smooth processing the chance of an alleged letter written by castmate Julie Stoffer that painted him as a “hazardous joyful.” 

“It used to be unfavorable. It undermined my belief in exact other folks in frequent,” Roberts tells Page Six in an queer interview, reflecting on his skills discussing the showcase with Stoffer herself whereas filming Paramount+’s “Homecoming” reboot of the iconic MTV fact showcase.

“That letter used to be forwarded to me from executives at the group that we were representing as mentors and characteristic items for formative years,” he claims.

“To be chosen to assemble that by an world group, serve then, as a joyful man used to be a mammoth deal. It used to be huge hurtful then to salvage out that someone I trusted used to be in fact undermining me, especially in that time.”

Danny Roberts talks to Page Six in an exclusive interview
“Staunch World: Fresh Orleans” critical individual Danny Roberts completely tells Page Six about his reunion with Julie Stoffer on Paramount+’s “Homecoming” reboot.”
Page Six

Roberts and Stoffer were in their early 20s when they arrived to The Spacious Easy in 2000. The openly joyful Georgia native, now 44, and the “Staunch World’s” first Mormon, now 42 — who once known as homosexuality “disgusting” on digicam — worked through differing belief systems to domesticate an incredibly strong friendship. 

Nonetheless it came to a screeching quit after manufacturing wrapped, Roberts says, when he caught wind of Stoffer’s alleged attempts to tarnish his recognition and forestall profession opportunities.

“I selected exact then to let her know the map I felt, let her know that our relationship used to be over and we never spoke again unless the day she walked serve into that house in Fresh Orleans,” he says. 

On the principle episode of “Homecoming” Season 3 — which follows reunions for “The Staunch World: Fresh York” and “Los Angeles” — Roberts and Stoffer addressed their residual stress. The latter MTV alum, who left the Mormon church in 2008 and has since adopted more innovative values, expressed a have to switch forward with Roberts, but smooth regarded unwilling to grab responsibility for any statements that were particularly anti-joyful. 

Julie Stoffer and Danny Roberts
Stoffer and Roberts at the origin met whereas filming “The Staunch World: Fresh Orleans,” which aired on MTV in 2000.

“I judge plenty of other folks are caught in a shriek of pathological narcissism,” Roberts tells Page Six, adding that he had “no expectations” for a doable reconciliation with Stoffer. 

“After 20 years own handed, that individual has had plenty of time to originate amends and that used to be never performed,” he elaborates. “I exact walked a ways from that realizing that presumably this individual doesn’t own the capacity for that figuring out.” 

Roberts isn’t the most productive “Staunch World” personality Stoffer has allegedly stiffed. 

Beloved critical individual Melissa Beck, the sole lady of color amongst the “Fresh Orleans” solid, famously confronted Stoffer on “The Enviornment” in 2002, claiming that Stoffer wrote a letter to deter a faculty from hiring Beck for a speaking engagement.

In step with Beck, now 45, Stoffer assassinated her personality by telling the faculty that she wouldn’t mark autographs or salvage meaningfully with students. These alleged assertions in a roundabout map designate Beck a take a look at. 

Danny Roberts, Melissa Beck and Julie Stoffer
“Staunch World” alum and Roberts’ exact splendid friend Melissa Beck aired identical grievances with Stoffer on “Homecoming.”

“For folks that tear messin’ with my cash, you tear messin’ with my feelings,” Beck memorably said at the time, later telling Stoffer straight, “I don’t desire the relaxation to assemble with you. I desire you to defend my name out of your f—king mouth and I desire you to defend the f—k a ways from me.”

Beck tells Page Six that she wasn’t pining for a name with Stoffer on “Homecoming” as she felt she had “already closed that door” whereas filming “The Enviornment” in Jamaica. 

“I never spoke her name again, so Will Smith stages. After I was care for, ‘Maintain my name out your [mouth],’ that utilized to me too,” she says, referencing the aftermath of this year’s defective Oscars slap. “I said what I needed to verbalize, she said what she needed to verbalize after which we went on about our alternate. Decrease to now, now we own ‘Homecoming’ and it’s an element again.”

Roberts and Beck concurrently hashed out their disorders with Stoffer in front of fellow returning solid participants Kelley Limp, Matt Smith, Jamie Murray and David Broom, now identified as Tokyo.

Danny Roberts
Roberts grew to change into an LGBTQIA+ activist after spotlighting the defense force’s now-reversed “Don’t Quiz, Don’t Say” policy for the length of his first “Staunch World” stint.

“The letter painted me as a inappropriate joyful,” Roberts alleged. “Each person’s other folks were shy of [me] being the joyful in front of their formative years.”

The LGBTQIA+ activist — who received worldwide reputation of spotlighting the Clinton administration’s “Don’t Quiz, Don’t Say” defense force policy for the length of his groundbreaking “Staunch World” bustle — added, “And I was painted as a inappropriate homo who used to be there to be the immoral guy and it exact justified what they already idea sooner than they obtained there.”

Meanwhile, Beck told Stoffer that she “[runs] a extraordinarily mammoth rick as the most productive female individual of color in the room to appear bitter and petty and offended” by airing her have grievances. 

“Those actions were performed in opposition to marginalized other folks,” Beck said to Stoffer. “You did it to a joyful individual and an particular individual of color. That’s what used to be f–ked up about it.” 

Julie Stoffer
Stoffer, the “Staunch World’s” first Mormon who once known as homosexuality “disgusting,” has since left the church and adopted more innovative values.

Stoffer answered by asserting she used to be sorry “if” she hurt the 2 — and moreover tearfully accused them of branding her “racist and homophobic.”

“That’s known as deflection,” Roberts tells Page Six of Stoffer’s response, whereas Beck quips, “In some psychological circles, that’s known as projection.”

“The Staunch World Homecoming: Fresh Orleans” is obtainable to circulation on Paramount+. Fresh episodes fall on Wednesdays. 

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