Shu-Ki Fita #5: KN.63

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KN.63 is a HYBRID mannequin constructed with Air Jordan VI’s, Air Jordan II’s, Air Jordan XXI’s, and Air Jordan XV’s. Its building is TOE-DOWN and SOLE-to-SOLE. His Predominant Color is WHITE (COMMON) and his Accent Color is RED (COMMON).

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Despite the truth that this NFT venture consists fully of queer human-made digital works, the creators desired to spice things up by along with some randomness to the creative course of.

To that dwell, a randomization selection course of modified into created that delineated classes, tiers, alternatives, and so on. that will perhaps well perhaps position creative production parameters for every fighter.

Deem of it love randomly deciding on one ingredient from every main meals personnel, and then handing all of them the way by way of to a chef and asserting, “Fabricate something honest with these things.”

In our case, we went by way of an intensive pre-selection course of, and randomly assigned the entire requisite ingredients that kind up a Shu-Ki sooner than starting any of the art work.

To be able to illustrate, Shu-Ki KN.63 wanted to be created the usage of the parts it modified into randomly assigned, in this case: Air Jordan VI for the sole + midsole; Air Jordan II and XXI for the greater + quarter; and Air Jordan XV for the bust + shoulders.

Moreover shoe kind, there are 6 loads of random ingredients that streak into determining a Shu-Ki’s final kind and colour.


Shu-Ki Fita is an NFT venture centered spherical Shoe-Machine Fighters.

Shoe-Machines, or “Shu-Ki’s” as they’re called, are 1-of-1 NFTs, digitally manufactured by a single artist, who uses Air Jordans to kind Mecha robots.

64 Shu Ki’s have entered into our galaxy by way of NFT blockchain skills. These robots are in actuality position to construct fight in a March Madness-style match–MACHINE MADNESS 2022!

In the upcoming weeks we are able to proceed introducing a recent Shu-Ki each day. All 64 of these extensive mech NFTs will change into available so that you just can private and receive by way of OpenSea marketplace on the graduation of the match.

So dwell tuned for more fighter debuts; details about how to amass and change into interested; news about bodily art work prizes; and terabytes more of the Shu-Ki Fita universe.

And in the duration in-between take a look at out and the gallery of bodily art work that holders will gain.

Welcome to Shu-Ki Fita. Are you prepared to step into fight with us?

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