Santa Cruz Guitar Company + Acoustic Guitar Existing the Ideal DADGAD Giveaway!

3 lucky winners will receive a duplicate of the brand new DADGAD Guitar Requirements e book, with lessons and accompanying video instruction from the master teachers at Acoustic Guitar + two sets of the brand new Santa Cruz Parabolic Stress Strings for DADGAD (one low tension and one mid tension). Prize mark: $60.99.

Namely engineered for DADGAD players, the latest variation of the Santa Cruz’s Parabolic Stress Strings are engineered to position the categorical tension on every particular particular person string to profit from attention-grabbing download tension and resolve the optimal relative volume between strings, or EQ, to your instrument.

Whether or no longer you’re accurate starting out in alternate tunings or own rather of abilities below your fingers, DADGAD Guitar Requirements is for you. Guided by the master teachers at Acoustic Guitar, as smartly as guitar legends devour Pierre Bensusan and Laurence Juber, you’ll be taught chord and scale forms, arranging approaches, full songs, and far more.

Giveaway ends April 30, 2022. Enter as of late!

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