Rogue Legacy 2 manual: Play every class for Mastery bonuses

The extra XP you compose as varied courses, the extra passive bonuses you’ll accumulate

A extensive fraction of Rogue Legacy 2 is figuring out which permanent upgrades easiest match your person playstyle, and there are a ton of directions to transfer on the Manor upgrade path. That stated, there’s an early take — the Epic Totem, which unlocks Mastery bonuses for all of your courses — that it is possible you’ll per chance presumably presumably also fair serene prioritize sooner than you gain too a ways alongside.

This upgrade permits you to “learn from your ancestors’ previous errors and originate permanent bonuses for death,” which couldn’t sound fun, exactly, but it undoubtedly’s worth it.

Here’s our manual to Mastery ranges and why they matter in Rogue Legacy 2.

First off, liberate the Epic Totem

Rogue Legacy 2 Sage Totem
Where to liberate the Epic Totem.

With the Epic Totem unlocked, you’ll uncover the persona chilling in your space base, a slight bit above and left of Charon’s boat. Now it’s time to gain some extensive XP features, no longer true gold.

While you abolish enemies in Rogue Legacy 2, you’ll compose ride facets, and XP funnels into Mastery. You’ll withhold taking part in like customary, but while you die — it’s extra a “when” than an “if,” isn’t it? — you’ll search the XP pile up on the quit-of-lope recap display conceal conceal.

Rogue Legacy 2 Knight Mastery rank up
Ranking up a Knight at the quit of a Rogue Legacy 2 lope.

Don’t play as the the same few courses without terminate

Here’s the chilly fraction: every class has its be pleased Mastery scandalous, and each time they level up, they’ll liberate a passive bonus. Within the example above, my Knight earned +10 Equip Weight.

There could be courses you click on with and others you don’t pretty gain. It’s worth making the rounds in Rogue Legacy 2, despite the proven truth that. The permanent bonuses earned from Mastery ranges hang an affect on all americans, so it is going to pay to be a Bard or a Ranger at the very least one of the primary crucial time.

Your future heirs will thank you!

Stat bonuses while you level up a class

  • Knight and Valkyrie: +10 Equip Weight
  • Barbarian and Boxer: +1% Vitality
  • Ranger and Ronin: +1% Energy
  • Duelist and Murderer: +1% Dexterity
  • Mage and Gunslinger: +1% Intelligence
  • Chef and Astromancer: +1% Heart of attention
  • Dragon Lancer and Pirate: +1% Armor
  • Bard: +1.5% Gallop Kick Hurt
  • All courses: +2 Rune Weight

There could be a cap on Mastery scandalous, but that you just can amplify it in Contemporary Recreation+.

Easy how to mediate your Mastery ranges for all courses

Sage Totem dialog
Don’t put out of your mind to register with the Epic Totem infrequently.

It took me technique too prolonged to achieve this (I hang to’ve finished it extensive early in my playthrough after which fully forgot to mediate again till, umm, Contemporary Recreation+2…), but that you just can chat with the Epic Totem at your camp to mediate all the courses’ Mastery ranges all in one space.

Rogue Legacy 2 Mastery class bonuses
Mastery bonuses basically stack up to change into meaningful.

Elevating the Mastery level cap

This will per chance also fair be getting before issues, but it undoubtedly’s worth figuring out early on that whenever you develop max out your Mastery scandalous for a determined class, you’la final be ready to bump it again up and continue the grind. With out spoiling too noteworthy, that you just can liberate the Soul Shop in town (in the constructing next to the Epic Totem) and exhaust Soul Stones on noteworthy extra permanent upgrades. One liberate, Limitless Potential, increases the Mastery cap for all courses.

Rogue Legacy 2 Soul Shop
You’ll commonly talk over with the Soul Shop whenever you starting up arresting into Contemporary Recreation+ and previous.

Must you’re in need of additional blue orbs, play the Scars of Erebus challenges to compose Bronze/Silver/Gold medals (here’s a terrific manual on unlocking Scars), or beat bosses on greater Contemporary Recreation+ difficulties. Rogue Legacy 2 is a grind in basically the most easy technique.

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