Reworking Deloitte’s Solution to Consulting

April 05, 2022

Pixel, started in 2014, helps facilitate commence talent and crowdsourcing for Deloitte Consulting consumer engagements, to win right of entry to explicit abilities, collaborate to make original products and insights, and to win, originate, and take a look at original digital assets.

Nonetheless whereas some of Deloitte’s principals are avid users of Pixel’s services, uptake across the organization has been slack, and in some pockets has met with deep resistance. Balaji Bondili, head of Pixel, must make a decision how simplest to grow Deloitte Consulting’s utilize of on-query talent, as consulting corporations and their possibilities face transformative commerce.

Harvard Change College professor Mike Tushman discusses Deloitte’s challenges in pursuing this original manner to consulting in his case, “Deloitte’s Pixel: Consulting with Originate Talent.”

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