Recognize Kelly Ripa’s 3 Adolescents Surprise Her at Work for Mother’s Day

Kelly Ripa and Set Consuelos’ shrimp “chickens” joined the debate point out host on Are residing with Kelly and Ryan for a candy Mother’s Day recreation point out attempting out their data of their mama fowl.

How Kelly Ripa and Set Consuelos Feel Having an “Empty Nest”

The chickens cling returned to the coop! 

Kelly Ripa introduced her three children (also diagnosed as her “chickens”) to Are residing with Kelly and Ryan for a family recreation point out section attempting out them on their data of their mother. The youngsters Kelly shares with husband Set ConsuelosMichael Joseph Consuelos, 24, Lola Consuelos, 20, and Joaquin Antonio Consuelos, 19—set their easiest recreation faces on to point out they know all the pieces from their mother’s celebrated dessert to what she in actuality wants for Mother’s Day. (Spoiler alert: it be peace and quiet.)

The 51-year-veteran talk point out host posted a describe of the family reunion on Instagram, writing, “Raise your chickens to work day!”

The TV reunion is immense for the family because all three children cling left the nest. Kelly and Set’s youngest shrimp one, Joaquin, left for varsity in September and is completing his freshman year at the University of Michigan. Kelly admitted on her point out with Ryan Seacrest that “It became once in actuality hard.”

“We dropped him off at college, and we gave him a hug,” she mentioned at the time. “It became once in actuality brutally painful. Anyway, I gave him a hug, and I mentioned, ‘I did not be conscious that 18 years would streak so hasty.’ And he did not philosophize anything. He became once genuine giving me a hug.”

Kelly and Set, 51, joked about having an empty nest on Instagram after the heartbreaking goodbye in a describe of the couple on the sofa in lounge wear. She captioned the describe, “To this point we’re crushing this empty nest thing.” Their eldest, Michael, supported his parents’ recent chapter, commenting, “I had nearly absolute self belief.”

The married couple of 26 years genuine valuable their bridal ceremony anniversary and proceed to make your mind up their relationship candy and tantalizing. Plenty so that Michael says he’s had sufficient of their “nonsense.” He informed E! Knowledge’ Day-to-day Pop in August that it be a “blessing and a curse to cling young parents,” referencing their constant thirst traps on social media. 

He joked, “I’m a elegant reserved and private guy, and I feel that is the very explanation why is because I’ve considered this nonsense and I desire no section of it, honestly.”


Michael will not be the most easy kid who gets pissed off by the couple. Kelly shared in a March episode of Are residing with Kelly and Ryan that their children are “grossed out” by her and Set. 

“They’re sickened by us,” Kelly informed the audience. “And I’m not optimistic why that is. But they’re disgusted by our involving. They assemble fun of my involving so much.”

Set explained that Kelly will exercise most of her meals with her fingers. The Queen of the South actor demonstrated how Kelly makes employ of three fingers to dig into any meals provided to her. 

No matter Kelly and her chickens’ variations on desk manners, they had been in a position to set up all of it aside for a fun reunion on her point out and assemble her Mother’s Day somewhat extra particular.

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