Raven’s Hike Objectives To Rep You Curved With Budget Puzzle Platforming

Arrives this week on the eShop

With the eShop having 30+ modern games most weeks, it generally is a pricey industry within the occasion you are picking up titles over and over. We form gather funds games to peep at, too, and this week’s eShop exchange (28th April) will carry Raven’s Hike at $3.99USD (with regional diversifications, definitely).

Its hook is ‘no jumping, no strolling’, as you totally spend a grapple hook to work your reach thru 60+ ranges. As a outcome each stage will within the ruin be a huge puzzle as you leap between walls dodging hazards.

It be the work of limited Brazilian developer Wired Dream Studio, which released the rather cool-taking a peep Crimson Ronin on Steam closing year.

Once you take a peep for a exiguous little bit of no longer easy puzzle-platforming on the cost of a takeaway coffee, Raven’s Hike would be rate a peep later this week.

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