Random: Stare Inside of The Exact-Life Animal Crossing: Unusual Horizons Aquarium Stamp Rally

Aquarium Lookin'
Image: Kate Gray

Help in 2021, Japanese aquarium Yokohama Hakkeijima Sea Paradise held an Animal Crossing: Unusual Horizons tie-in occasion, which allowed guests to take dangle of part in a exact-existence tag rally correct love in the game.

Clearly, there used to be zero hope that most of us may well focus on over with with out already being in Japan, however fortunately for us, one insider recorded a pair of of the experience and posted it on TikTok, allowing us to are dwelling the dream vicariously!

The yell had Animal Crossing-themed cards to bear in, plus recordsdata plaques in regards to the animals that featured museum/aquarium curator Blathers speaking about each one. And, obviously, the aquarium gift shop used to be paunchy of Animal Crossing-themed stuff, including (from the appears of issues) a pair of of Japan’s Gelato Pique X Animal Crossing items.

There had been passports for every visitor, which allowed you to bear to your earn “photo” (this recount visitor seems to dangle drawn herself and her husband’s Animal Crossing characters) alongside some identical old diminutive print, correct love the passport in the game.

There had been ten stamps to in discovering in total, that had been themed round Animal Crossing villagers: Molly, Lily, Octavian, Goldie, Peanut, Fauna, Curt, Aurora, Alfonso, and Rocco. There used to be apparently additionally one “special” tag, which appears like it used to be the total neighborhood in one tag.

The occasion used to be held between the 12th of July and the 31st August, 2021, however perchance it may perhaps most likely well come back this yr following the renewed ardour in Animal Crossing after the huge Autumn 2021 replace. And perchance, mayyyybe it may perhaps most likely well come to somewhere shut to us… But we may dangle more luck correct going to a random aquarium and speaking in Animalese your total time.

[source tiktok.com]

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