Radiation Dwelling Are residing-Motion Movie’s Trailer Parts Inspiration Song

TOHO started streaming a brand recent trailer for the are residing-motion movie of Tomohiro Yokomaku and Taishi Mori‘s Radiation Dwelling manga on Friday. The video parts band MAN WITH A MISSION‘s song “Rain,” a song that the band’s bassist and vocalist Kamikaze Boy wrote while impressed by a scene within the movie that contains the Takahashi couple.

MAN WITH A MISSION are also performing the movie’s theme song “Extra Than Phrases.”

The movie parts a returning solid from the are residing-motion series, including Masataka Kubota as radiology technician Iori Igarashi, Tsubasa Honda as An Amakasu, and Alice Hirose as Hirono Hirose.

Other solid members consist of Yumi Wakatsuki (higher left), a pregnant lady who goes to the sanatorium with her husband Keisuke Takahashi, performed by Ikusaburo Yamazaki (higher handsome in image above). Katsumi Takahashi (lower handsome) plays Toshio Onodera, the president of the Eastern Society of Radiological Expertise. Midoriko Kimura (lower left) plays Fusako Noyama, a resident of an isolated island.

In addition Hideko Hara plays Hiromi, An Amakasu’s mother.

Masayuki Suzuki, a director of the are residing-motion series adaptation, directed the movie. Are residing-motion series author Haruka Ōkita wrote the movie’s script. TOHO is distributing the movie. The movie opened in Japan on Friday.

The parable centers on the medical professionals within the radiology department of a sanatorium. Shall we sing, medical radiographers consume radiographs and CT scans to probe the causes of diseases and say pathological changes, while radiologists learn the outcomes and offer diagnoses.

The main season of the are residing-motion series adaptation premiered in April 2019. The are residing-motion series’ second season premiered on Fuji TV in October. Suzuki, Shigeyuki Aizawa, and Yūsuke Mito directed the second season, with scripts by Ōkita.

Yokomaku and Mori launched the manga in Valuable Soar in October 2015. Shueisha published the manga’s 12th compiled e book quantity on December 17.

Mori’s 2009-2013 manga Kyō no Asuka Value impressed an long-established web anime adaptation. Mori started Kuchibiru ni Uta o (A Song to Your Lips), a manga adaptation of Eiichi Nakata‘s long-established new, in Shogakugan‘s Monthly Shonen Sunday (Gessan) magazine in 2013 and ended the series in 2014. A movie adaptation of the manga opened in Japan in February 2015.

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