Quiz HN: Yahoo pushing aside RFC 5321 retries

Quiz HN: Yahoo pushing aside RFC 5321 retries
22 ingredients by beezle 10 hours ago | cloak | previous | common | 34 comments
Had a firewall field that briefly affected port 25 however became once no longer identified for factual over 24 hours. In the technique of resolving, a take a look at message became once sent from a yahoo story to the area in request of.

Yahoo sent an ‘unable to bring message after multiple retries, giving up’ message after precisely three hours.

Three hours is exceedingly rapid and my determining has at all times been that mail is re-tried for a series of days with a backoff algorithm controlling how continuously.

Is that this now frequent? I am left to wonder how essential mail became once misplaced for precise at some level of this outage in consequence of others be pleased additionally taken the Yahoo skill.

RFC 5321 suggests:

Retries proceed until the message is transmitted or the sender provides up; the give-up time usually desires to be no longer lower than 4-5 days. It MAY be appropriate to order a shorter maximum series of retries for non-provide notifications and the same error messages than for fashioned messages. The parameters to the retry algorithm MUST be configurable.

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