Quiz HN: How does a CPU focus on with a GPU?

Quiz HN: How does a CPU focus on with a GPU?
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I have been studying about computer structure [1] and I’ve change into chuffed with my working out of how a processor communicates with basic memory – be it straight, with the presence of caches or even virtual memory – and I/O peripherals.

However one thing that looks weirdly absent from the courses I took and what I be pleased learned online is how the CPU communicates with other processing devices, resembling GPUs – no longer handiest that, however an in-depth description of interconnecting a form of programs with buses (by in-depth I imply an RTL example/description).

I needless to say as you add more hardware to a machine, complexity will increase and application need to intervene – so a generalistic acknowledge would possibly perhaps perhaps well well no longer exist and the acknowledge will depend on the implementation being talked about. That’s graceful by me.

What I’m procuring for is an outline of how a CPU tells a GPU to originate executing a program. Through what methodology lift out they snarl – a bus? How does this kind of communication event seem like?

I would treasure salvage pointers to resources resembling books and lectures which will be more hands-on/implementation aware.

[1] Actual in recount that my background knowledge is clear: I’ve concluded NAND2TETRIS, watched and concluded Berkeley’s 2020 CS61C and be pleased read a gradual chunk of H&P (each and each Computer Architecture: A Quantitative Approach and Computer Group and Compose: RISC-V edition), and now am bright on to Onur Mutlu’s lectures on superior computer structure.

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