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A Mainland License for  Company Business Setup allows foreign nationals to carry out their professional activities. A company must comply with certain conditions to be legally recognized in UAE. These conditions include having enough office space for business operations and having at least 50% ownership of shares by a local sponsor. Additionally, the UAE requires that a company has good power to attorney from its home country, certifying it’s authorized to conduct business there.

For any activity to be conducted in Dubai, you must have a Dubai business license. This license may be professional, industrial, commercial or agricultural. There are many types of licenses. Some even for one activity. There are certain requirements to get a UAE business license. It would help if you had enough capital to allow you to operate your business in UAE. These requirements will be met before you can get your business license.

Dubai and UAE Business

UAE companies must obtain a business license. Different government departments must approve these licenses. It is possible to make mistakes that could result in a loss of time and money. The company’s consultants are familiar with the area and can help you avoid costly mistakes. They will quickly process all license requirements so you can start immediately. Additionally, there are minimal reporting and confidentiality requirements.

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