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Achieving a Mainland License for Company Business Setup allows foreigners to perform their business activities. However, it is crucial to remember that for a company to be recognized legally in the UAE, a business must satisfy certain requirements. These include having a suitable office space for business operations and an entity that is local and has a minimum of 50 percent of the company’s shares. Furthermore, the company must possess an authorized power of attorney issued by the home country, demonstrating its authority to operate with the UAE.

First, a business license in Dubai is essential for the operation of any business. This could be a commercial, industrial or agricultural license, as well as an occupational and professional license. There are over 2 000 different kinds of licenses available that cover only one business. You must satisfy specific requirements to obtain an enterprise license in the UAE. You must have the funds to run your business operations inside the UAE. If you’ve satisfied these conditions, you’ll be qualified to receive an official business permit.

Businesses in Dubai and the UAE

Business licenses are an essential prerequisite for any business located in the UAE. Different agencies of the government must endorse this license. Any mistakes made during the process can result in high costs and time.  The company’s staff have years of experience in this sector and are connected to government departments to avoid making these errors. They can process all necessary license requirements without delay, which allows the company to get up and running promptly. Furthermore, you’ll benefit from complete confidentiality and only minimal reporting requirements.

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