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Obtaining the Mainland License for Company Business Setup allows foreign nationals to perform business activities. It is important to remember that for a company to be recognized legally in the UAE, a business must fulfill certain requirements. This includes having a space for business operations and a local sponsor at more than 50 percent of the Company’s shares. Furthermore, the Company must possess an official power of attorney issued by the home country attesting to its ability to operate within the UAE.

First, a business license in Dubai is required to operate any business. It could be a commercial, industrial or agricultural license, as well as an occupational and professional license. There are more than two thousand different kinds of licenses available, which include those for only one business. To obtain an official business license in the UAE, it is necessary to meet certain conditions. You need to have enough funds to run your business operations within the UAE. If you’ve satisfied the requirements above, you’ll be qualified to receive an official business permit.

The business world in Dubai and the UAE

A business license is a crucial prerequisite for any business within the UAE. The license has to be approved by different agencies of the government. Making mistakes during the process could result in high costs and time. To avoid such mistakes, Company’s experts have extensive knowledge in this field and are in contact with government departments. They can process all necessary license requirements without delay, which allows you to start your business promptly. Furthermore, you’ll have complete privacy and a minimum of reporting requirements.

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