Query HN: Terminate you rewrite pull requests?

Query HN: Terminate you rewrite pull requests?
53 parts by phendrenad2 7 hours ago | camouflage | past | celebrated | 58 comments
Shiny wondering how other delivery-offer builders tackle reliable by badly-written pull requests.

I many times work closely with the PR author, giving them a pair of rounds of suggestions except it is up to our project’s coding requirements. In most cases the PR author “drops out” of the job in frustration, as they had been proper attempting to provide us a temporary fix, and did now not necessarily must produce quite a lot of labor. In these cases, I many times thank them, and rewrite the PR (or heavily regulate it). But I’m hesitant to produce this in all cases, because many times the PR author is labored up to be aware their determine as portion of the contributors list, and/or to be aware their receive code old in the project.

How so that you just tackle this form of component?

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