Queen Elizabeth II’s birth chart unearths her crown used to be cosmically destined

All hail the Queen.

Queen Elizabeth II—Queen of the United Kingdom and the bearer of a legacy of over 70 years of rulership, she is one among the strongest ladies folks within the sector. The 95-three hundred and sixty five days-old monarch has stood as a world figurehead with grace, refinement, nobility and a unbelievable sense of class and trend for a protracted time.

Having lost her husband, Prince Philip, at the age of 100-years-old, the Queen has endured to press on with her duties no matter the struggling outcomes of age—quietly leaving Buckingham Palace to reside in Windsor Castleradiant corgis in tow!

To communicate of this sort of historical icon I quit consider must be achieved with reverence—as she stands in a rare seat of energy, embodying the legacy and traditions of generations past, as the sector very swiftly evolves into a more technological and future-minded technology.

With the hit say “The Crown” peering into her history, as successfully as lots of highly publicized private battles in present years, namely with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle as successfully as Prince Andrew, Queen Elizabeth II has shown that being royalty takes every ounce of energy one has. So used to be she born into the categorical family—or is there something blueprint more cosmic at work here that propelled her to be the chief she has became? Will she resolve just a few of her private battles which absorb consumed her family in present years? Or has the sun within the destroy begun to position upon her legacy? Join me as we spy into Queen Elizabeth II’s existence on tale of I’m a pop tradition astrologer and I will survey all of it.

Queen Elizabeth II astrology
Queen Elizabeth II is a Taurus Solar.
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Queen Elizabeth II’s birth chart unearths she used to be meant to rule with energy—and kindness

Queen Elizabeth II used to be born on April 21, 1926. This makes her a grounded Taurus Solar with a fiery Leo Moon. Her birth time has been listed online, so we can survey that she is a Capricorn Ascendant. When having a stumble on at her elemental energies, she has a ravishing share of all of them, but with a better quantity of Water. This exhibits that inherently she is a deeply compassionate and emotionally motivated particular particular person, but with Earth, then Fire and Air furthermore being represented, she will steadiness her energies all over every component when wanted. Her coronary heart can with out a doubt lead her, but her skill to furthermore perceive things from a grounded, logical standpoint aids her resolution-making. When we behold at her modalities, she’s very primarily based fully mostly in Fixed signal energy, which implies that she carries an immeasurable sense of energy and is furthermore highly resistant to change that happens externally. This has allowed her, no matter what, to weather any storm and protect her order. Fixed energy would possibly perhaps maybe furthermore furthermore be seen as stubborn, on the replacement hand it obvious is tremendously critical. On this regard, she has a form of energy that makes her every the unstoppable force and the immovable object.

Now upon inspection of her birth chart, I first must scheme attention to how prominent she used to be chosen—quite actually by destiny and destiny—to be the entirety that she has became. Here is now not any frequent birth chart—it is articulated in this sort of approach that nearly feels as if some better energy or force spoke her into existence. Per chance it used to be the collective human unconscious, but there would possibly be something apprehension-animated about how her natal chart is constructed. First and main, her natal Saturn, the planet of legacy and constructions, stands in an actual conjunction with her Midheaven—revealing that she used to be meant to be a protracted-lasting, nearly eternal resolve on the sector’s stage. This has introduced her natty persistence and a calculating solution to align her ambition with her identification.

She is furthermore setting up a protracted-lasting legacy past her, as successfully. Her North Node, which ties to her destiny in this lifetime, is in her sector of duty and work, showing that this has and repeatedly will be her purpose—to fulfill her day-to-day duties as royalty. But, her North Node is within the zodiac signal of Most cancers, which ideas family and heritage, and is furthermore conjunct her Descendant, showing that she is supposed to forge profound and critical partnerships and furthermore work with the public in these capacities while honoring her upbringing. Her Capricorn Ascendant furthermore comprises Mars, bringing her a fiery skill to say, as successfully as Jupiter, gifting her supreme fortune and make a selection as successfully as recognize from authority figures, and furthermore Venus, which brings her grace, class and honor.

But, when breaking down the nuances in her birth chart, we quit survey that she furthermore has astrological parts that additional say how tied to tradition she is, while being birth to breaking the cage if it is something that she has made up our minds needs to. While she would possibly perhaps maybe furthermore very successfully be resistant to change from external forces, she, within herself, is a liberator and visionary. She is unconventional within the attitudes of her forbearers. But thanks to how strongly accented Saturn is in her chart, we, this uncover day, would possibly perhaps maybe survey her as an elder, closely tied to the past.

Queen Elizabeth II natal chart
Queen Elizabeth II’s birth chart exhibits that she used to be chosen by a better energy to lead.
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Is Queen Elizabeth II astrologically like minded with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle?

While complete libraries would possibly perhaps maybe furthermore very successfully be written of Queen Elizabeth II’s relationships and legacy, primarily the most uncover pop tradition one to spy into as we direct is her connection with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. This destroy up within the Royal Household made waves within the media and would possibly perhaps maybe even lead her to on no account meet her granddaughter. Queen Elizabeth II is on genuine terms with other members of the Royal Household, on the replacement hand, even naming Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall as Queen Consort.

Prince Harry used to be born on September 15, 1984. This makes him a Virgo Solar with a Taurus Moon. Meghan Markle used to be born on August 4, 1981. This makes her a Leo Solar with a Libra Moon. When at the initiating having a stumble on at the rapport between Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Harry, we quit survey that there could be a sturdy sense of energy and tradition constructed between their astrological parts. There’s a sense of kindness and compassion, but an incredible expectation of duty and sustaining appearances. Here is actually published in how their planets hyperlink. Prince Harry is more reserved than Queen Elizabeth II, and the underlying present of impatience between them with out a doubt grew, as they furthermore don’t survey seek for-to-seek for on the entirety, namely when one or the replacement is attempting to stifle the replacement’s emotions or ideas.

But, thanks to the total affinity there, I quit disclose there could be a sturdy sense of cherish, recognize and compassion and that will pick out within the stay between them. As for Queen Elizabeth II’s rapport with Meghan Markle, this connection is terribly sweet, too, in many ways, but is in actuality neutral a shrimp bit more karmic in nature. Markle’s Solar is in an actual conjunction with the Queen’s Moon, revealing a soul connection. Nonetheless, there are a ways too many dynamic clashes between their charts, revealing energy struggles and a sense of emotional and intellectual discord. Mars, the planet of battle, and Pluto, the planet of domination, clash between them—and then Markle’s Uranus, the planet of the long budge, is furthermore within the the same order as the Queen’s Saturn, which represents her constructions.

Uranian energy burns things down, and when Saturn is one among the Queen’s strongest planets in her chart, this exhibits that it’s an genuine meeting of aid watch over versus replace, the past clashing with the long budge. In various ways, they were meant to meet and meant to bring down the established state and recreate it as something altogether new.

Queen Elizabeth Prince Harry Meghan Markle Royal Family astrology
Queen Elizabeth II’s legacy will reside to pronounce the tale as a first-rate length in up to the moment human history.
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Is Queen Elizabeth II astrologically like minded with Prince William and Kate Middleton?

Next up: our other most current Royals! Prince William used to be born on June 21, 1982. This makes him a veteran Most cancers Solar with a aloof Most cancers Moon. His birth time is listed online, making him a fiery Sagittarius Ascendant. Kate Middleton used to be born on January 9, 1982. This makes her a sturdy Capricorn Solar with a soft Most cancers Moon. Her birth time is furthermore listed online, bringing to gentle that she is an even Leo Rising.

When peering into the Queen’s rapport with every of them, we can survey a sturdy sense of union around skilled, public and monetary needs—showing that with reference to many of their traditions, they survey seek for-to-seek for roughly the long-term plans for his or her legacy. The Queen’s Solar is in a supreme alignment with William’s Solar, bringing a sturdy yet flowing connection, with recognize, enjoyment and a nearly telepathic working out. This grants them the flexibility to adore that they are critical alike while furthermore honoring their variations.

Their sense of duty with out a doubt unites them. The Queen’s connection with Middleton is a ways more jovial and affectionate although, with many planetary alignments favoring give a enhance to for her Majesty’s work, while she lends a warm yet assured sense of steerage to educate Middleton. This relationship is furthermore quite profound and transformative upon the every of them, but even moreso on the behalf of the Duchess.

What are predictions for Queen Elizabeth II?

So what lies ahead for the immense Queen? Many things, in point of fact. First to say is that she is harboring transiting Saturn, the planet of energy but furthermore hardship, as successfully as Pluto, the planet of loss of life and rebirth, in her Ascendant, or body. This energy will proceed for a protracted time ahead, so that you will be ravishing, I quit disclose her supreme legacy is at the aid of her and the transition of energy is already in actuality below blueprint. Also, she will be experiencing immensely critical eclipses in her Solar signal and opposing signal, which is at possibility of be on the total about bringing destined turning parts in a single’s lifetime where one burns down what isn’t working—in themselves and of their relationships—and emerges like a phoenix.

These began in 2021 and would possibly perhaps maybe proceed till the stay of 2023. If she will prioritize her successfully being—on tale of eclipses would possibly perhaps maybe furthermore furthermore be extraordinarily draining on any person after they happen in this trend—I disclose she’s going to feel a brand new lease on existence as she continues to be conscious of the closing time she has left to shape the sector and expertise the moments while she’s in them. Jupiter, the planet of miracles, will omit her Solar in exact diploma in May maybe maybe furthermore of 2023, bringing a euphoric 2nd of occasion around her, her legacy and her existence. May maybe maybe furthermore she proceed to reign long and prosper. You heard it here first.

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