Polaris 19 Outcomes: Jimenez, Reusing, and Williams victorious in Southampton

Europe’s longest running authentic jiu-jitsu indicate returned on Saturday for Polaris 19 in Southampton. The match featured two titles fights and a principal match between two of the supreme opponents in the 77 kg division. Diversified opponents on the cardboard included Owen Livesey, Eoghan O’Flanagan, and Margot Ciccarelli.

Roberto Jimenez hits stunning help map shut and rear naked choke to stable victory

The major match of Polaris 19 used to be a match between Roberto Jimenez and Magid Hage. Each opponents own regarded very impressive as of leisurely. Roberto won gold on the second ADCC South American Trials and Magid earned a silver medal on the first ADCC South American Trials. Each athletes own recently shown their willingness to map shut prospects and fight for the submission. This match used to be no various.

Magid sat to present protection to rapidly after the open up of the match as Roberto started to work his passing game. He worked his manner to Magid’s half guard and acquired to about a true passing positions. Magid passe an below hook from the half guard to brush however Roberto used to be ready to capitalize on an opening from bottom rapidly thereafter to derive to Magid’s help. Roberto trapped one among Magid’s fingers whereas on the help and worked his manner to the rear naked choke submission, getting the faucet from Magid. Roberto persisted his lunge of impressive no-gi victories. His next check shall be in the gi on the IBJJF Pan Ams.

Shatter forces Amanda Leve to forfeit; Kendall retains open weight title

Amanda Leve pulled off one among the supreme David vs. Goliath moments in grappling historical previous when she defeated Gabby Garcia at Who’s Quantity One closing 365 days. The PFL gentle-weight has had many matches the put she used to be at a weight downside, and the co-principal match at Polaris 19 used to be some other a kind of matches. Leve’s opponent used to be Kendell Reusing, an IBJJF No-Gi World and Pan champion.

Each athletes own gigantic wrestling talents they assuredly put them on gift from the open up of the match. Kendall landed the first takedown of the match, snatching up a single leg that Leve countered with a guillotine are attempting. Kendall used to be ready to free her neck from hazard and ended up in Leve’s closed guard. The guard opened and Leve regarded to off balance Kendall as she went by her passing sequences.

At some stage in a transition the put Kendall re-engaged Leve’s guard after being pushed away, Leve’s foot bought caught between Kendall’s legs and precipitated what regarded to be a severe leg wound. Leve used to be unable to continue the match and Kendall retained the Polaris open weight title due to forfeit from an wound.

Ashley Williams retains gentle-weight title with resolution take care of

In a bout that took put for the Polaris gentle-weight title, ADCC European Trials champion Ashley Williams took on Ross Nicholls brown belt Jack Sear. Jack pulled guard to open up the match and without prolong regarded to derive into his most well-preferred leg locking positions. Jack did an even searching job of attending to about a true leg entanglements, however Williams used to be chronic alongside with his rigidity passing, in the spoil attending to the aspect support an eye on with about 5 and a half minutes final in the match.

Williams worked his manner to the mount momentarily, however Jack used to be ready to make exhaust of his leg flexibility and dexterity to flee and derive better guard. Williams quick worked his manner help to aspect support an eye on, the put he stored the rigidity on for the relaxation of the match. Williams closest submission are attempting used to be an arm triangle choke with no longer up to a minute left in the match. Even supposing he couldn’t derive the end, Ashley Williams cruised to a resolution victory alongside with his rigidity passing and support an eye on and retained his Polaris gentle-weight title.

Elephantine outcomes would be chanced on below:

Roberto Jimenez def. Magid Hage by technique of submission (rear naked choke)

Kendall Reusing def. Amanda Leve by technique of forfeit due to wound

Ashley Williams def. Jack Sear by technique of unanimous resolution

Owen Livesey def. Frederic Vosgrone by technique of unanimous resolution

Eoghan O’Flanagan def. Valentin Fels by technique of unanimous resolution

Margot Ciccarelli def. Ashley Bendle by technique of unanimous resolution

Phil Harris def. Paddy Holohan by technique of unanimous resolution

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