Participants Online Call Out Erica Banks For Copying Megan Thee Stallion’s ‘Thot S**t’ Song Video

Nothing will get past the oldsters on Twitter! Erica Banks is being known as out and receiving backlash for reputedly copying Megan Thee Stallion’s ‘Thot St’ song video. This took build after the Dallas native shared a teaser for her song video, ‘Carry out It,’ which samples Khia’s 2001 hit, ‘My Neck, My Succor.’ Even supposing the video doesn’t drop except the next day, that teaser became as soon as ample for other folks to peek similarities.

One person tweeted, “It’s adore ill how inappropriate Erica banks reproduction Meg.”

While the conversation started on Twitter, it didn’t cease there. A lot of Roommates added their two cents and mentioned that Megan wasn’t the splendid rapper who did a surgical treatment-themed video. “Dream Doll did this earlier than both of them,” wrote. At the same time as you have interaction, in 2018, Dream dropped her EP, ‘Life In Plastic 2,’ which had her dressed as a surgeon performing surgical treatment on herself.

The surgical treatment theme in song videos reached past Dream, Megan, and Erica. Sukihana also frail the theme in her March 2021 song video ‘Meals Tag H*e’ featuring Saucy Santana. Within the tune, she raps,

“You build your fingers all in yo’ pockets, Then you definately pull out that wallet. Deliver that nia stop flossin’. You know this puy costly. Need it dripping adore a faucet? You bought to win deposits. Deliver that nia don’t be vexed.”

No longer regarded as one of the fundamental rap ladies earn responded to the feedback made concerning the surgical treatment theme. Roommates, prevent judge Erica copied Megan, or is it a twist of destiny?

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