O’Malley says Petr Yan fought ‘huge emotional’ at UFC 273, wanted to ‘aloof down’

Sean O’Malley thinks Petr Yan’s feelings got the easier of him at UFC 273.

O’Malley chalked Yan’s shatter up option loss to Aljamain Sterling on Saturday to ‘No Mercy’ making an are trying to knock ‘Funk Grasp’s’ head off from the gap bell.

‘Suga’ would enjoy told the aged UFC bantamweight champion to ‘aloof down’ and compose himself in between rounds in location of wrestle ‘huge emotional’ and hunt for the knockout.

“(Petr) Yan’s takedown defense, rather than the 2 times he got his help taken, is so elite,” Sean O’Malley said on his podcast (h/t MiddleEasy). “The hips, hand on the head, he’s got some sick takedown defense. Nonetheless he fought so emotional from the beginning put of the wrestle. So emotional.”

“These looping punches… he (Petr Yan) fought huge emotional. I will enjoy to still were in his corner and urged him, Yo, Petr, aloof down, bud.’ I’ll accumulate that ‘L’. That become my fault.”

O’Malley then heaped praise on Sterling for unifying the bantamweight titles and exhibiting a ‘championship mindset’ after being written off by the critics following his DQ accumulate over Yan last 300 and sixty five days.

“It become impressive, (Aljamain) Sterling’s mindset going into that wrestle,” O’Malley said. “Pondering what had already took location to him within the old wrestle… In direction of the raze of the (fourth) round, he become getting manhandled. At the raze of the wrestle, for him to head in with that mindset of no longer letting that affect him, become huge impressive. It confirmed championship mindset understand that.”

Sterling slammed the critics and naysayers following the wrestle and called for the haters to comprise out an ‘Apology Form’.

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