Nvidia is reportedly making 600W reference boards for the RTX 4090

Rumor mill: In step with interchange sources, Nvidia has shared its reference boards for the flagship RTX 4000-series GPUs, which might maybe maybe perhaps very successfully be referred to as the RTX 4080, 4080 Ti, 4090, or 4090 Ti, with its OEM companions. It hasn’t delivered the GPUs themselves yet, but the boards are geared to admire 600W of strength.

Several leakers with correct tune records like just no longer too long previously acknowledged that they demand the RTX 4080 or 4090 to love a 600W TBP (total board strength). A elevated-slay mannequin, both the RTX 4090 Ti or some particular version card, might maybe maybe perhaps admire over 800W. But they’ve also attached several disclaimers to those numbers, noting that or no longer it’s too early for proper particulars to were finalized.

Igor’s Lab studies that Nvidia has told OEMs to take a look at the reference boards historical to assist them form their PCBs and coolers on the plump 600W. No longer every 4080 or 4090 will necessarily admire 600W out of the box, but no decrease than some will turbo or overclock into that strength bracket.

Igor’s Lab bought an image of a reference board from a Chinese language OEM and confirmed its authenticity with two other sources (above). One standout characteristic was the twelve slots for reminiscence modules, which existing that the GPU might maybe maybe perhaps like both 12 GB or 24 GB of GDDR6X reminiscence, in all likelihood the latter.

It also had a formidable 24 voltage converters, up from 20 on the Founder’s Model RTX 3090 PCB (shared between the GPU and reminiscence). It historical UPI Semi’s UP9512 controllers succesful of eight phases, so three controllers per allotment.

All those converters and modules are fed by one 12VHPWR connector, also acknowledged because the PCIe 5.0 strength tear, which is provocative to bring 600W by myself. Igor’s Lab notes that OEMs are designing PCBs that utilize the plump 600W, but, as talked about, that’s a ceiling, no longer a median. Every 12VHPWR connector will contain an adaptor with four 6+2 pin Molex plugs, though most strength affords place no longer contain that many cables.

The insiders demand Nvidia to reuse the 3090’s three-slot air cooler for the 4080 and 4090. Within the meantime, producers are reportedly preparing 3.5-slot air coolers and brooding about water-cooled choices identical to what AMD historical for the RX 6900 XT LC.

In a doable first, the 3090 Ti and 4080 are allegedly pin-successfully matched, which implies they are going to utilize the identical PCB designs. Igor’s Lab speculates that OEMs might maybe maybe perhaps very successfully be the utilization of the 3090 Ti to take a look at their 4080 coolers and PCBs. So the 3090 Ti and the 4080 might maybe maybe perhaps share system.

As a minimum, the 3090 Ti is the trial poke for the 12VHPWR connector. Rumors existing that the 3090 Ti will admire 400-500W looking out on the mannequin, a unfold that appears to be crazy when when in contrast with the RTX 3000-series but tame when when in contrast with the rumored figures for the RTX 4080 and 4090.

Portray Credit score: Thomas Foster

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