NASA Voyager 1 Probe From the ’70s Jumpy by Mysterious Glitch

Voyager 1 is a surprise. NASA’s 45-300 and sixty five days-dilapidated spacecraft is cruising alongside exterior our characterize voltaic gadget and is silent staying in contact with Earth. But it has presented its team with what NASA is calling a “thriller.” It be working in most cases but additionally sending aid some uncommon telemetry info.

The subject likely traces to Voyager 1’s perspective articulation and take care of a watch on gadget (AACS), which handles its orientation in house, including the duty of keeping its antenna pointed at Earth

“All signs counsel the AACS is silent working, however the telemetry info or not it is returning is invalid. As an instance, the solutions would possibly well look like randomly generated, or would not contemplate any doable tell the AACS is prone to be in,” NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab acknowledged in a press commence Wednesday.

The info isn’t very always making sense, but Voyager 1 is affirming a obvious line of conversation with home and the subject hasn’t caused a protective “get mode.” 

The dual spacecraft Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 launched in the 1970s and salvage prolonged outlasted their expected lifespans. They’re every in interstellar house, which Voyager 1 and a pair of venture supervisor Suzanne Dodd describes as a “high-radiation atmosphere that no spacecraft salvage flown in sooner than.”

Voyager 1 is roughly 14.5 billion miles (23.3 billion kilometers) away from home. It takes a couple days to ship a designate after which hear aid, which provides to the subject of working out what’s going on. This leaves NASA with hundreds of unknowns. Is the AACS the wrongdoer or is one more gadget experiencing a glitch? Will Voyager 1 be ready to proceed its science mission?   

There are ways forward from this glitch. Voyager 1 would possibly well magnificent dwell with it. Or a instrument repair or a swap to backup hardware is prone to be the answer. NASA hopes every Voyagers will proceed to ship aid science info beyond 2025. 

Mentioned Dodd, “A thriller take care of this is sort of par for the route at this stage of the Voyager mission.”

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