Meta is testing end-to-end encryption for Quest’s VR Messenger app

Meta has been on a multiyear push with Messenger’s end-to-end encryption (E2EE) aspects, and it’s now beginning to study E2EE messaging with its Quest VR quest headsets. With the contemporary v40 tool update, Meta is testing no longer compulsory E2EE for one-on-one messages and calls in VR, in step with a weblog put up, even though it’s unclear what number of people are included in the test or pointers on how to point out on the feature will get to you is inclined to be.

The test arrives alongside a bunch of various necessary contemporary aspects in the v40 update. There are contemporary audio accessibility alternate ideas, including the ability to tweak the audio balance of the left and staunch audio channels and a mono audio feature that potential that you just can listen to the identical audio on the left and staunch speakers.

You’ll also now be ready to lock particular particular person apps in the motivate of a sample, which might well be a worthwhile approach to prevent gain admission to to apps that you just don’t prefer a toddler to play with. Previously, it’s most likely you’ll presumably presumably only lock the total headset in the motivate of a sample.

Here’s what the contemporary per-app lock sample feature appears to be like admire.
GIF: Meta

In addition, you’ll now be ready to note visible representations of more physical keyboards in VR as long as they’re connected via Bluetooth. This feature first supported the Logitech Okay830 and Apple’s Magic Keyboard while the spend of a Quest 2 headset, and with v40, you’ll be ready to note representations of the Apple Magic Keyboard with numeric keypad, the Logitech Okay375s, and Logitech MX Keys.

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