‘Lullaby,’ ‘Utama’ Sweep Spain’s Supersized Malaga Competition

Two hotly-most well liked opponents frontrunners, Spain’s motherhood-focused “Lullaby” and “Utama,” shot on an anguish-spicy Bolivian Altiplano, swept the board at a historical, 25th Málaga Movie Competition which acknowledged a lot concerning the present speak of the Spanish movie enterprise. 

Running March 18-26, the Competition proved a vibrant affair, galvanised by renewed curiosity within the Spanish cinema after a buoyant reception for its foremost motion footage at Berlin, moreover to the enjoyment of proving the foremost time many enterprise attendees had considered every completely different in particular person in two years and backing from Spain’s AVS Hub belief for a vastly larger enterprise presence. 

In Alauda Ruiz de Azúa’s “Lullaby,” coming after Sundance hit “Piggy” and Carla Simón’s Berlin Golden Endure triumph “Alcarrás,” Spain would thought to have a third art pic breakout in factual the foremost three months of 2022, all pushed by a young generation of females cineastes, administrators and producers. Carlota Pereda’s “Piggy” uses moderately brilliantly a plus-size lady’s complicity with a serial killer to pressure home to audiences the repulsive hatred inspiredly bullying. “Lullaby” is diagram nearer in mould to “Alcarrás,” as a young mother retreats to her family home on the Basque flit, discovering a original working out with her as soon as censorial mother. 

Acclaimed at Málaga for its authenticity of factor – psychological, of place, and family energy dynamics – “Lullaby” scored four good foremost opponents prizes – superb Spanish describe, actress for every protagonists, screenplay and, crucially for its industrial possibilities, Malaga’s Viewers Awards. It furthermore stopped four non-legitimate awards. 

Confirming that breakout art movies can aloof stop the enterprise in a foreign country, Latido presented at Málaga first sales on “Lullaby” to China (Huanxi Media), moreover to Movie End for the Baltic States and Lucky Canines for Scandinavia. Conversations are developed for affords with Germany, faded-Yugoslavia and Poland, acknowledged Juan Torres at sales agent Latido Films.

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Courtesy of Alpha Violet

A identified quantity, having scored this year’s Sundance World Cinematic Dramatic Mammoth Jury Prize, Bolivian Alejandro Loayza Grisi’s “Utama” aloof terrorized for its original system to climate alternate, charting its influence on the life of an aged couple the Bolivian Altiplano. 

The utilize of broad widescreen shots of barren, parched landscapes – “We didn’t desire to possess a ‘Nationwide Geographic’ shroud,” the director acknowledged at Málaga – the movie proves emotionally sharp in its portrait of the couple clinging on to a life no matter draught and illness, which is their very dangle and sure to live it out with dignity. 

Prizes served to shine the gentle on some acclaimed highlights at Málaga: “The Gigantes,” a Baja California-site female friendship myth from Spanish maverick Beatriz Sánchis (“They Are All Dull”); Leonardo Sbaraglia’s tearaway perf in Argentine Leonardo Brzezicki’s “Practically in Worship”; and Nicolás Poblete, handing over arguably essentially the most extraordinary of confessions in Matías Bize’s “Non-public Messages.” 

Anaïs Taracena won superb doc characteristic for “El Silencio del Topo,” a tribute to Elías Barahona, a poet and journalist who served as a press attaché to Donando Álvarez Ruíz – Guatemalan interior minister over 1978-82, now charged with crimes against humanity – the utilize of his insider’s records to set the lives of dozens of activists opposing the countrys sinful govt. 40 years later his heroism is lastly accepted.

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The Gigantes
Courtesy of Competition de Málaga


Golden Biznaga, Spanish Image

“Lullaby,” (Alauda Ruiz de Azúa)

Golden Biznaga, Latin American Image

“Utama,” (Alejandro Loayza Grisi)

Silver Biznaga, Special Jury Prize

“My Emptiness and I,” (Adrián Silvestre)

Special Mention

“The Gigantes,” (Beatriz Sanchis)

Silver Biznaga, Director

Alejandro Loayza Grisi

Silver Biznaga ‘Hotel AC Palace,’ Most efficient Actress

Laia Costa y Susi Sánchez, (“Lullaby”)

Silver Biznaga ‘Hotel AC Palace,’ Most efficient Actor

Leonardo Sbaraglia, (“Practically in Worship”)

Silver Biznaga, Supporting Actress

Debora Maria da Silva, (“A mãe”)

Silver Biznaga, Supporting Actor

Nicolás Poblete, (“Non-public Messages”)

Usual Screenplay

Aldua Ruiz de Azúa

Silver Biznaga, Usual Ranking

Cergio Prudencio, (“Utama”)

Silver Biznaga, Cinematography

Nicolás Wong Díaz, (“The Gigantes”)

Silver Biznaga, Put up Manufacturing

Rodrigo Saquel, (“Non-public Messages”)

Silver Biznaga, Critics Award


Silver Biznaga, Viewers Award ‘Flixolé’. 

“Lullaby,” (Alauda Ruiz de Azúa)


Silver Biznaga, Most efficient Spanish Image

“Locations The place We’ve By no potential Been,” (Roberto Pérez Toledo)

Silver Biznaga, Most efficient Iberoamerican Image

“Mostro,” (José Pablo Escamilla)

Silver Biznaga, Most efficient Director

Meritxell Colell, (“Duo”)

Silver Biznaga, Most efficient Actress

Milena Smit y Olivia Baglivi, (“Libélulas”)

Silver Biznaga, Most efficient Actor

Pepe Ocio y Sergio Torrico, (“Locations The place We’ve By no potential Been”)

Silver Biznaga, Viewers Award

“Libélulas,” (Luc Knowles)


Silver Biznaga, Documental Purpose

“El Silencio del Topo,” (Anaïs Taracena)

Silver Biznaga, Most efficient Documentary Direction

“La visita y un jardín secreto,” (Irene M. Borrego)

“Delia,” (Victoria Pena)

Silver Biznaga, Most efficient Documentary Direction

“La visita y un jardín secreto,” (Irene M. Borrego)

Jury Special Mention

“Memória Sufocada,” (Gabriel Di Giacomo)

Silver Biznaga, Viewers Award

“La visita y un jardín secreto,” (Irene M. Borrego)

Special Jury Mention

“Balika,” (Aitor Sánchez y Lander Ibarretxe)

“Delia,” (Victoria Pena)

Silver Biznaga, Viewers Award ‘Plus Málaga’ Allotment

“Presque,” (Bernard Campan, Alexandre Jollien)


Silver Biznaga, Supporting Females’s Rights

“Daida Lend a hand To The Ocean,” (Pablo Ramírez Bolaños)

Silver Biznaga, Supporting Females’s Rights Jury Award

“Las cartas perdidas,” (Amparo Climent)

Special Mention, Supporting Females’s Rights

“Sorda,” (Nuria Muñoz-Ortín, Eva Libertad)

Silver Biznaga, Supporting Females’s Rights Documentary

“As soon as Upon a Build,” (Celia Novis)

Silver Biznaga, Supporting Females’s Rights Fiction Purpose

“Llana negra,” (Elisabet Terri)

Silver Biznaga, Supporting Females’s Rights Costume Construct

Susana Guerrero Núñez, (“Los elegidos”)

Special Jury Mention

“Nunca te dejaré sola,” (Mireia Noguera)

Silver Biznaga, Supporting Females’s Rights Viewers Award


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