Kingdom Hearts 4 launched, and a few narrate or no longer it’s hinting at a Star Wars crossover

Why no longer? Star Wars is factual one other Disney world

Over the weekend, Square Enix surprise-launched Kingdom Hearts 4, the next enormous game in their incomprehensible RPG series which stars Disney frigid fascinating movie characters as pop-punk boyband multiverse superheroes. I’m mildly distressed to undercover agent KH4 lean against a ‘life like’ work model in components, though I could well be queer to undercover agent a Kingdom Hearts Mickey Mouse that’s factual a wee mouse wrapped in leather, plaid, buckles, and zippers. While KH4 is basically a mystery for now, eagle-eyed viewers narrate the announcement trailer hints at a crossover with the Disney Princess world of Star Wars.

Bounce to 4: 04 in the trailer to skip previous several cell video games and score straight to the Kingdom Hearts IV announcement. Then I shuffle to flip you over to Square Enix for the unswerving blurb:

“In the announcement trailer, Sora makes a triumphant return with an up up to now undercover agent on the origin of an legend unique storyline titled the ‘Lost Grasp Arc.’ Starting build with Sora facing off in a boss war against a large enemy, avid gamers are launched to the Quadratum, a plentiful, plentiful city build in a wonderful, life like world no longer just like the leisure ever seen before in the Kingdom Hearts series. Fans would per chance be enraged to undercover agent the return of Sora’s famed companions Donald and Goofy, to boot to to the most important appearance of Strelitzia, a mysterious unique personality who appears to be like before Sora in this uncommon unique environment.”

Is this an AT-ST foot in the Kingdom Hearts 4 announcement trailer?
Is that this a Star War?

And yes, some folks deem Star Wars is inspiring this time. In the early scenes which skip between town and the wooded space, for about a frames that you simply would per chance seemingly undercover agent a grey lump, which some snarl is the foot of an AT-ST. You know, the robotic chickens that Jim Kirk and his tribble army fought on the wooded space moon of Endor. While this would maybe be factual some steel, I would no longer be the least bit taken aback if KH4 does execrable over with Star Wars.

Kingdom Hearts is a collision of all the pieces Disney, over time busting into worlds and characters from Aladdin, The Microscopic Mermaid, A Nightmare Earlier than Christmas, Monsters Inc, The Lion King, Pirates Of The Caribbean, Fracture-It Ralpha, Broad Hero 6, and oh so many extra. It even has particular attacks basically based totally on Disney theme park rides. Star Wars would no longer be out of build of abode in KH4, nor would this be out of personality for the model Disney cope with that gutter of a series.

I would no longer be taken aback to undercover agent Wonder superheroes in some unspecified time in the future in this unique storyline both. Hell, Squeenix own even borrowed from Wonder’s playbook. When KH3 wrapped a memoir which had scamper for 17 years, a put up-credits teaser straight build up this sequel. Classic Marvelling.

No observe on platforms or a open date for Kingdom Hearts 4. Presumably it will hit PlayStation first, then optimistically come to PC later, seeing as we in the end got the series in 2021.

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