Jeep constructed a monster electric prototype to point to what EVs can in actuality produce off-avenue

Few cars are residing in the previous love the Jeep Wrangler, which exists to follow it the spirit of the customary protection force Jeep that debuted 81 years ago. So Jeep is enraged by electrification when it rolls out a Wrangler EV belief.

Unveiled at the 2022 Easter Jeep Safari, an enormous annual gathering of off-avenue enthusiasts held in Moab, Utah, the blue and white Magneto 2.0 belief is, because the name suggests, Jeep’s 2nd try at an electric Wrangler. The customary Magneto belief used to be simply a mode to check the waters — now Jeep is diving in.

The Magneto 2.0 belief has vitality mighty of its supervillain namesake, and the means to scamper over nearly about any obstacle. However after hearing the facts and taking the wheel for a transient check drive, we came all the contrivance by it’s no harbinger of future electric Jeeps.

Profile view of the Jeep Magneto 2.0 EV concept.


If Jeep decides to promote an electric Wrangler to possibilities, it obtained’t stare love this. The Magneto 2.0 is a Frankenstein’s monster on four wheels, with parts that had been below no circumstances made to compare together a technique or the other working in unison.

Jeep did open with a stock Wrangler chassis, but it had to be broadly modified to compare the electrical powertrain parts. The wheelbase used to be stretched by 12 inches to provide room for them, and vitality electronics parts note out by a plastic dome in the hood.

Varied changes had been made to toughen the Wrangler’s off-avenue capability. The belief that automobile rides on mountainous 40-poke tires mounted to 20-poke rims. Carbon fiber fender flares covered the enlarged wheels and tires and, alongside with minimalist bumpers, aid nick aid weight and toughen clearances.

The hood is carbon fiber as neatly, and Jeep gave the Magneto 2.0 a easy bikini top as an different of the same old folding roof. The looks positively cartoonish, but that used to be doubtlessly the root.

Interior of the Jeep Magneto 2.0 EV concept.


The Magneto 2.0 makes use of the identical electric motor because the customary Magneto belief, but as an different of the old 285 horsepower and 273 pound-feet of torque, it now makes 625 hp and 850 lb-ft of torque. That’s means better than any gasoline Wrangler, to boot to lots of sports cars we would maybe maybe maybe name.

That vitality is harnessed by what appears to be like love an anachronism in an EV: A six-tempo handbook transmission. Electric cars on the total don’t salvage multi-tempo transmissions because their copious torque makes transferring gears unnecessary. Then another time, a handbook made sense for a prototype automobile love the Magneto 2.0 because it permits engineers to investigate cross-check assorted instruments ratios, Jeep exterior comprise head Trace Allen acknowledged at a media preview of the belief that. It furthermore makes off-avenue driving greater.

“This ingredient crawls amazingly unhurried, but with plump torque,” Allen acknowledged, relating to a chief attribute of any off-avenue automobile. “I’m step by step after finesse when we’re off-roading, no longer simply throwing extra throttle at it.”

The transmission used to be sourced from Jeep sibling designate Dodge’s Hellcat V8 muscle cars but aloof had to be beefed as a lot as address the electrical motor’s vitality. Strong axles are half of the equipment as neatly and, unlike its predecessor, the novel and improved Magneto has ample regenerative braking to allow one-pedal driving, Allen claims.

What’s lacking from the spec sheet is any point to of fluctuate. The massive tires doubtlessly don’t aid in that plot, though, as they amplify rolling resistance.

Rear three quarter view of the Jeep Magneto 2.0 EV concept.

Utilizing impressions

We took the Magneto 2.0 for a transient drive up and down some rock cupboards in the barren region simply exterior Moab. We had been amazed by the Jeep’s means to address these obstacles without breaking a sweat, the smoothness of its vitality supply, and the novelty of a handbook transmission in an EV.

The electric powertrain solves most of the handbook transmission’s considerations. The Magneto 2.0 can’t stall, and also you would maybe maybe maybe maybe also drive off in lovely mighty any instruments and follow it. The clutch is simply needed for transferring gears and, even then, you fair depress it, decide out the instruments, and liberate. If this catches on, no one will ever be in a space to brag about studying to drive stick another time.

Our low-tempo off-avenue drive didn’t produce plump use of the Magneto’s 625 hp, but what we did use used to be meted out with only the slightest prod of the factual pedal. The electric motor’s soft vitality supply used to be an asset off-avenue, where jerky throttle applications could cause the wheels to break traction. Equally, the enhanced regenerative braking obtained old down rock cupboards with extra constant braking force than the moderate human foot can produce.

What it means for Jeep’s electric future

Whereas Jeep used to be enthusiastic to blow their trust horns the Magneto 2.0 belief and does salvage manufacturing EVs in pattern, that doesn’t imply you’ll query an all-electric Wrangler in manufacturing anytime soon. Must you produce, it obtained’t stare love the belief that.

“We’re no longer going to provide that in manufacturing,” Allen acknowledged. “Right here’s a uncommon check automobile.” However it does point to the risk of electrical powertrains for off-roading, and the flexibility they manage to pay for engineers and designers. Jeep increased the Magneto’s vitality output and regenerative braking quite without considerations, Allen noted.

“That’s the form of stuff that I salvage is tall cool about electric powertrains,” he acknowledged “It’s the parameters; we can switch those around. We salvage got the means to provide that, and we don’t with gasoline.”

Jeep plans to unveil its first manufacturing EV in 2023. The unnamed model shall be a crossover SUV extra love the most contemporary Jeep Compass than the Wrangler. Varied electric models will apply, and while the Magneto 2.0 wasn’t meant as a manufacturing automobile, we wouldn’t strategies in the occasion that they shared moderately of its DNA.

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