I made an AI write a story about AI then I made any other AI illustrate it

I was strolling dwelling from school on my have after I seen it. A robot, factual standing in the center of the road.

I was disquieted before everything, but then I seen that it wasn’t doing anything. I walked as a lot as it and talked about, “Howdy.” It turned its head to me and talked about, “Howdy, human.”

I was vexed.

I had never talked to a robot earlier than. We talked for a whereas and I came upon that its name used to be R0b0t. I requested it why it used to be factual standing in the road and it talked about that it used to be waiting for its human buddy. I informed it that I didn’t private any traffic that had been robots, but that I might perhaps maybe be its buddy. R0b0t talked about that it would really like that.

Since then, R0b0t and I in fact had been finest traffic. We attain everything together. We lunge to varsity together, we play together, and we even attain our homework together. I’m now not alarmed of Synthetic Intelligence anymore, on tale of I do know that they will also merely even be factual as fair correct of traffic as any individual else.

Story and title by GPT-3, generated with the urged “Write the starting to a transient, fictional story a pair of child that is alarmed of Synthetic Intelligence, but then makes traffic with a robot:”

Art by DALL-E 2, generated with the following prompts: “A robot, factual standing in the center of the road, digital art work”, “A baby is greatly surprised to survey a robot standing in the road, digital art work”, “A baby and a robot doing homework, digital art work”

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