How Veeam helped grocery chain Franprix toddle its backup hell

French grocery store chain had backup windows that ran smartly into the following working day and restoring deleted info may take days. It chose Veeam in a contest with Cohesity


Published: 20 Apr 2022 15: 38

Backup at France-basically based exclusively food store chain Franprix had grown true into a confusing mess. That’s when it made the switch to Veeam Backup & Replication and smoothed things out.

“We had duplicated backup programs that didn’t fit our IT to any extent extra,” stated Jérôme Chapelle, infrastructure supervisor at Franprix. “Our day-to-day backups started every evening at 10pm and went on except 2pm the following day. For these that wished to restore a file deleted in error at some stage in that time, you needed to anticipate the backup to enact. It in actual fact set aside a block on things.

“Added to that, the course of generated quite a lot of errors that we spent an impossible amount of time fixing. That meant our crew of five may by no methodology find started on varied initiatives.”

Franprix’s IT infrastructure contains a dozen physical servers that flee about 600 virtual machines (VMs).

Modernisation to VMware became once completed, and after that, the double backup setup became once set aside in voice. In step with tape and designed for physical servers, it offered quite a lot of constraints, in conjunction with the should always deduplicate data upstream or make virtual machines to restore to.

“Backup is constantly the uncomfortable relation in IT,” stated Chapelle. “It doesn’t find the investment, but when it doesn’t work, it’s a distress.”

Challenges of imprint, scalability and performance

By 2018, the difficulty had turn into untenable and the decision became once taken to find every other. With out quite a lot of time to test the solutions readily available, Franprix chose from market chief Veeam and rising big name Cohesity.

“Cohesity seemed very revolutionary, but became once moreover slightly dear,” stated Chapelle. “And with our IT hosted in the datacentres of [parent group] On line casino, Veeam offered the next monetary opportunity since the On line casino IT crew moreover desired to make investments in a peculiar backup plan. Which potential, Veeam allowed us to make a community lift.”

Beside payment, Franprix became but again drawn to Veeam from the originate because it brought the promise of scalability and the flexibility to proceed to feature, no matter the hardware upstream of it. As it took voice, it functioned from the originate to back up virtual sources from VMware vCenter.

The community had envisaged that, from 2018, it may per chance per chance upgrade to disk arrays able to taking snapshots, and that became once what took voice when Franprix invested in Pure Storage hardware for its VMs.

But it became once upon finishing up validation exams that every other metric obtained over Chapelle’s crew. “We had been struck by the performance,” he stated. “The scale of backup jobs became once slashed by two or thrice.

“The identical became once honest for restores, in conjunction with for folk that fervent redeploying a complete functional replica of an utility to emergency hardware in the case of an incident.

“Previously, this originate of scheme – which we completed time and but again as piece of recovery exams – took three days. With Veeam, there is an Instantaneous Recovery feature that allows redeployment of a plan in a jiffy.”

Self-healing errors

Veeam Backup & Restore became once at closing deployed first and most most critical of 2019. The tool runs as one VM amongst the others and appears to be like to be after 600 manufacturing VMs totalling 80TB.

Backups are flee daily, with Chapelle estimating 16TB of changes per day, and despatched to a Data Domain array where they’re saved after deduplication. To this point, there is 23TB of backup data consolidated on the Data Domain.

“All backup jobs flee at night and are completed after we advance in the morning,” stated Chapelle.

“That stated, errors easy came about at some stage in backups. Often it became once attributable to a Windows virtual machine that crashed at some stage in the course of. Often the Data Domain momentarily locked regarded as some of the user accounts that Veeam became once trying to write backups for. We don’t in actual fact know why this stuff took voice, but Veeam consistently detected them and mechanically relaunched jobs except they succeeded. We don’t favor to repair things ourselves now.”

He added: “The time that we possess gained has allowed us, as an illustration, to originate work on the creation of automatic processes that toughen effectivity when responding to partners.”

Going beyond VM backup

Franprix has moreover invested in the Veeam ONE console to track backups, even supposing Chapelle uses it for more than that in reveal.

“Truly, Veeam ONE goes beyond honest backups,” he stated. “It brings visibility into all sources in the virtualisation infrastructure.

“It warns us if things are no longer slightly honest, resembling if 20GB of RAM is disbursed to a VM when 4GB would function. It’s a extraordinarily highly effective tool. We use it plenty for capability planning, to understand how superb to beginning out unusual initiatives with the sources we possess.”

Somehow, since 2021, Franprix has started to gape into backing up data in cloud companies and products, in articulate Microsoft 365 (Teams, OneDrive, SharePoint, etc).

“Now we possess stumbled on a seller that hosts backups of these companies and products in its possess datacentre,” stated Chapelle. “The attention-grabbing level is that it permits us to restore data from these backups from the Veeam Backup & Replication console. It became once precisely what we had been waiting for after we had been procuring for a backup acknowledge that may conclude acceptable with the evolution of our IT programs.”

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