Halle Berry Shines in a Sequin Jumpsuit With an Low Plunging Neckline

Style friends or not, Halle Berry is identified for taking mettlesome swings and standing by them…even after 24 years.

In early April, Twitter individual Xay Yarbroux shared a photo of Berry circa 1998, when the trendsetter hit up a Las Vegas occasion in a sheer dress (on the 2nd help in fashion by standard seek files from) and a feathered bixie (a unsuitable between a  bob and a pixie cut). “Halle appears to be love she about to issue ‘a single mom who works too laborious, who loves her children and below no circumstances stops,’” he wrote in the now-viral tweet evaluating Berry’s ogle to Reba McEntire’s eternal auburn hairstyle.

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As that it is probably going you’ll even learn about, Halle Berry regarded appropriate as appropriate in 1998 as she does as of late and the Catwoman important individual became fully unphased by the silly narrative. In response, Berry quote tweeted the pic, writing, “…and what about it? 😂”

Icon behavior. 

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