Get Ready for Some Ninja Wars as ‘Shinobi no Ittoki’ Teases October Debut

Ninjas don’t exist, but factual for you and me. Why? Because why would they indicate their existence if their complete job requirements is to cease hidden?

Unfortunately, the protagonist of Shinobi no Ittoki is no longer lucky ample to live ignorant of ninjas. Once an try is made on his life, he inevitably gets tangled with a feud between two major ninja clans.

Shinobi no Ittoki or Ittoki the Ninja is an upcoming common anime by TROYCA and DMM Photos. The anime will premiere in October 2022.

The very first trailer for the anime is out, and this affords you with a tight belief referring to the vicious clan wars within the series:

TROYCA×DMM picturesオリジナルアニメ『忍の一時』ティザーPV

TROYCA x DMM images Fashioned animation “Shinobi no Ittoki” teaser PV

The video begins with Ittoki, the major character, who’s nearly trip over by a song. He deftly dodges the attack, and later realizes that he’s the heir of the Iga ninja clan.

These which can be making an try to assassinate him are from an opposing neighborhood known as the Koga ninja. It’s time for Ittoki to practice himself within the ways of the ninja (if he wants to place his neck).

Undoubtedly, a new visible has also been revealed, and it shows Ittoki, Tokisada Kōga, and Kōsetsu.

You have to well peaceable also try the proficient major solid and workers people of the anime:

Personality Cast Different Works
Ittoki Sakuraba Ryota Ohsaka Yūma Isogai (Assassination College room )
Tokisada Kōga Katsuyuki Konishi Fuegoleon Vermillion (Shadowy Clover)
Kōsetsu Haruka Shiraishi Asirpa (Golden Kamuy)
Yuka Sakuraba Kikuko Inoue Minerva (Fairy Tail)
Assign Workers Different Works
Director Shuu Watanabe IDOLiSH7
Sequence Script Minato Takano Preserve Your Fingers Off Eizouken
Personality Clothier  Isamu Suzuki  Bloom Into You
Tune Composer  TOMISIRO (Detective Conan: Zero’s Tea Time

If Ittoki wants to live, he has no different but to devote himself to coaching. He has to secret agent ways to fight and confront hardships admire a proper ninja, and here is factual the beginning of his misery.

About Shinobi no Ittoki

Shinobi no Ittoki is an common anime series by TROYCA and DMM Photos. Because the establish suggests, the series is ready ninjas.

The story specializes in Ittoki, a high schooler who becomes an assassination target. He by some means saves himself but rapidly realizes that he’s the heir of the Iga ninja clan. The Koga clan wants to assassinate him, and he has to practice to place his life.

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