Gallery: This Implausible Axelay Art Proves We Want A Up to date Remake

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  • PtM

I for one can worship superior fanart with out clamouring for a crappy remake that would perhaps well perchance never get dangle of out about (or play) anything else appreciate that.


That art is inconceivable, I appreciate how faithful it’s to the game whereas adding extra runt print that you previously couldn’t watch. I wish we also can make a selection up the well-liked sport within the NSO app, however a remake with this visible style would be epic.

“Think you at Axelay 2!”


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  • Expa0

I appreciate this, Axelay is amongst the dozen or so games I’ve had since very early childhood as far I would have in mind so the game and its soundtrack are both slightly dear to me.

Going to position the stage 3 boss as a desktop background for now, too defective or no longer it’s no longer a portray of the “witches’ hat form” the boss has however it surely works however, gonna place just a few of these as successfully.


For me personally one in every of the final word shooters ever. Been looking ahead to the sequel for years. At some point soon my dream would be a fact. To this repeat day Axelay shows what the Snes is all about correct unbelievable.


Take dangle of Axelay on the Wii U eShop whereas you composed can.


We are in a position to also make a selection up Axelay on NSOL, however… Konami =/


The Sport basically looks to be correct, however i did no longer appreciate as noteworthy Fun with it, as for Instance with Gradius or especially Parodius.


Or no longer decrease than proves we desire the Axelay younger of us’s bedtime book


Sheesh spoiler alert!!! I didn’t make a selection as a lot as the credits yet.


Holy Moley these are some correct works. They’d get dangle of out about enormous printed up and on my wall +thinking emoji+



Remaking the well-liked axelay would waste the whole lot that made it particular, make a selection up the of us that ported gynoug and gleylancer to rerelease it as one more!


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  • PtM

@BispoSnake They’ve been striking out Anthologies recently, and likewise had been the last to appreciate games released on VC, so bear no longer rule them out.



It is far going to always be my well-liked shoot ’em up on the Big NES. The final word extinct Konami at its perfect. Sadly it change into misplaced sight of at the time, regardless of it getting a whole lot of commercials in gaming mags and getting rave reports.


The game itself I never got enormous into it, however that stage one tune is one in every of the most killer soundtracks in video games.


Loved Axelay. It had enormous strategies thru and thru. Every stage outlandish, the weapons serving as your health at the identical time, superior enemy and boss designs, killer tune…easiest self-discipline change into even for an SNES-technology shmup, it change into too short with easiest six stages (on the assorted hand, I bear no longer have in mind it having any form of password or place system so perchance that change into correct the upright measurement).

The paintings is inconceivable.

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