Fortnite: The place to search out homing Anvil Rocket Launcher in Season 2


Fortnite Season 2 has added the Anvil Rocket Launcher that fires homing missiles that lock onto vehicles. Right here’s procure it!


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fortnite season 2 homing rocket launcher

If tanks and the Fight Bus are causing too unheard of trouble, then bag up the original Anvil Rocket Launcher to interact them out.

Fortnite has factual brought attend constructing and launched a original facet mode known as Zero Achieve. As its title hints, it’s a permanent mode and not using a constructing allowed.

No topic which mode you play, the Tank and Fight Bus are certain to trigger some trouble. These closely armored vehicles geared up with principal weaponry hit laborious and procure interaction a whereas to interact down.

Nonetheless, a original weapon has factual been added to the loot pool to attend sort out these behemoths. Introducing the Anvil Rocket Launcher.


Anvil Rocket Launcher areas in Fortnite

The Anvil Rocket Launcher shoots homing explosive projectiles that lock onto vehicles. All a participant has to have is seek by design of the scope, lock on to a vehicle, and fireplace!

While it is an extremely principal weapon, it isn’t all that laborious to search out. The Anvil Rocket Launcher could well additionally be found out in abnormal chests, Rare chests, Seven Present and IO Chests, Present Drops, and in Sharks.

The homing missiles can’t lock onto players, but that’s potentially for the most efficient. Every rocket does between 100 – 110 damage to players reckoning on rarity.

As of appropriate now, players can procure the Anvil Rocket Launcher in Rare, Myth, and Legendary rarities.

fortnite henchman supply chest

This won’t be the handiest weapon intended to accommodate vehicles this season. Later, the Heavy Sniper rifle will return with a 5x damage enhance to vehicles.

For more Fortnite, evaluate out the place to search out the driveable Fight Bus in Season 2.


Fortnite Season 2 introduces a driveable version of the Fight Bus with two different turrets. Right here’s the place to search out the Fight Bus.


5 days ago


March 25, 2022

battle bus fortnite being driven

The iconic Fight Bus is now a drivable vehicle in Fortnite, and here is the place which that you simply would be capable to well maybe procure every.

Since the muse of Fortnite, the Fight Bus has been some of the crucial iconic vehicles within the entire game. Nonetheless, players procure never been ready to drive it… other than that one time versus Galactus.

Over the years, players had been handled with a host of vehicles starting from motorized balls to usual pickup vehicles. But, the Fight Bus has continuously been off-limits.

Now, players procure the likelihood to drive the Fight Bus in each place in the island with none restraints. Right here are the entire Fight Bus areas in Fortnite Season 2.

fortnite battle bus cinematic photo

All Fight Bus areas in Fortnite Season 2

The Fight Bus is a vehicle that can handiest be in Fortnite as soon because it has been funded by players. There are plenty of funding stations in each place in the island that players can donate to the usage of gold bars.

Fortunately, two of the Fight Bus funding stations procure already had their dreams met. They are continually found at Synapse Situation and Sanctuary.

Presently, we don’t know of to any extent additional funding stations or Battel Bus areas. Nonetheless, they are going to likely be implemented more all the design by design of the season.

Below is a map exhibiting the particular areas of the Fight Buses.

fortnite season 2 battle bus locations

The Fight Bus can retain five players including the motive force. There is an explosive turret at the entrance of the bus and a abnormal turret at the attend. There are also two seats on high the place players can exercise their very procure weapons.

Gamers driving on the Fight Bus are drastically exposed to enemy fire however the bus itself has 2,000 smartly being.

For more Fortnite, evaluate out the place which that you simply would be capable to well maybe procure the entire IO tanks.


Tanks are absolute powerhouses in Fortnite Season 2, and here is each Armored Tank roar and salvage one.


5 days ago


March 25, 2022

Fortnite Tank parked

Fortnite Season 2 facets closely armored tanks, and here is the place which that you simply would be capable to well maybe procure all eight of them.

There isn’t very a sound in Fortnite Season 2 than the incoming treads of the original Armored Tanks. The loud rumble and explosive firepower procure players hiding from these massive metal monsters.

While it’s no longer no longer possible to interact down a tank, it’s a rather laborious activity to have solo. As smartly, getting a Tank is a surefire manner to invent it into the endgame when you don’t scurry into any extremely capable players.

Ought to you’re attempting to evaluate out out the tank but aren’t certain the place to begin, we’ve got you lined. Right here’s every tank roar in Fortnite Season 2.

fortnite tank being driven

Fortnite Season 2 Tank areas

There are eight tanks that spawn at the starting up of every match. Some birth with two IO Guards piloting them whereas others are empty anticipating players to grab them up.

The following is a checklist of the entire Tank areas in Fortnite:

  • Commands Cavern East
  • Relate Cavern West
  • The Fortress
  • Tilted Towers
  • Coney Crossroads
  • The Daily Bugle
  • Rocky Reels
  • Home Canyon

Alternatively, now we procure marked all eight areas on the map below.

fortnite season 2 tank locations

Most tanks will be snatched up in direction of the starting up of the game, so you’ll favor to switch to one early. If your tank is broken, which that you simply would be capable to well maybe repair it the usage of a blow torch.

Additionally, tanks could well additionally be heard from a mountainous distance. Ought to you are coming near near a POI with a tank and hear it transferring, know both a participant or IO Guards procure commandeered it.

For more Fortnite, evaluate out the place all of this season’s NPCs would be found, and set tuned for more data and guides.


Fortnite Season 2 sees the return of Slone, a boss NPC who clones herself and wields a great Mythic Striker Burst Rifle.


5 days ago


March 25, 2022

fortnite slone close up in game

Fortnite players will favor to search out Slone in disclose to salvage the Mythic Striker Burst Rifle, and here is how!

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2 adds a plethora of as much as date boom to the sketch battle royale. But it’s also eradicated one of Fortnite’s foundational mechanics: constructing.

As a result, players are having to focal level more on their design and mobility. The more damage a participant can deal, the less time they favor to utilize in wrestle.

That’s why many players will be seeking out the attend of Mythic boss weapons. There are at command three boss weapons in Fortnite, and this text will educate players procure the Mythic Striker Burst Rifle.

fortnite slone in front of big drill

Slone loaction in Fortnite

Slone has been a opposed NPC in Fortnite for quite so much of seasons now, and no longer unheard of has modified about her boss wrestle. The greatest differences for Slone in Season 2 are her roar and weapon.

Slone looks to be at a original POI known as The Fortress. It’s teeming with IO Guards, and Slone could well additionally be found out on the principle ground or outdoor on patrol. She can even be wielding the original Mythic Striker Burst Rifle.

As continuously, Slone will split into three copies when she is alerted to your presence. She doesn’t procure the most smartly being, making every clone rather easy to interact down.

Nonetheless, he accuracy and fluctuate can invent her no longer easy to wrestle so you’ll favor to fireside from unimaginative quilt. It’s a ways infrequently price attempting to interact out the discontinuance by IO Guards earlier than attempting Slone.

fortnite map slone location
Slone is located at The Fortress which is a POI original to Season 2.

Once defeated, Slone will fall her Mythic Striker Burst Rifle. There is also a siege cannon on high of the tremendous drill that could well additionally be faded to rotate effectively.

For more Fortnite, evaluate out the place all of this season’s NPCs would be found, and set tuned for more data and guides.

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