Fat Joe Says 6ix9ine “Wants To Die,” 6ix9ine Responds By Calling Him “Jealous”

Fat Joe has lashed out against rap celebrity 6ix9ine all over over again, this time accusing the outmoded executive explore of getting a loss of life wish in light of questionable actions and feedback 6ix9ine has made since being released from detention center in 2020. At some level of an appearance on the My Skilled Thought podcast hosted by founder Math Hoffa, Joe used to be requested about his tips on 6ix9ine. The Bronx native proceeded into tearing up the controversial Brooklyn gather, arguing that 6ix9ine is melancholy with himself in light of being dubbed a “snitch” following his cooperation within the Feds’ investigation of the Nine Trey Gangsta Bloods.

“This elaborate gonna obtain me in difficulty,” Fat Joe began, prefacing his tirade. “I’m gonna good be appropriate with you—this na’s a sucka. He’s puy, a sucka, a bih. I ain’t drink. I’m lifeless sober. This dude here. This kind of sh*t this na doing, I’m happy he wanna die—and I don’t wish it on him or nothing like that, but I’m happy he’s depressing in his physique. He can’t discover within the replicate.”

It didn’t hang long for Fat Joe’s feedback to obtain encourage to 6ix9ine, who responded thru a observation to TMZ accusing the rap legend of being “jealous” of him as a result of his success and wealth, a reply the rapper has levied in quite a bit of verbal disputes with rival artists.

“Fat Joe is jealous of 69,” the rapper’s response read. “69 has carried out extra in his younger profession than Fat Joe has ever carried out in his long profession…Fat Joe talked about I was depressing and want to die? Fat Joe is depressing and desires to die on memoir of Fat Joe doesn’t hang half of of what 69 has in money and cars. Fat Joe talked about I’m no longer a gangster, it used to be mad about promotion? That’s wrong data. What’s his proof that I ever talked about that? There’s no proof. He’s mendacity.”

Fat Joe has been amongst the extra vocal critics of 6ix9ine’s actions but has admitted to having been taking into account him and his persona earlier than him taking the stand against his cohorts. “I believed he used to be a nice man, and now he can’t be my buddy, he can’t come around me ever over again,” Joe advised Angie Martinez in 2019. “Those are guidelines. He crossed that line […] I pray for other folks that faulty that line—after they consult with the police and so that they snitch, I pray for them.”

Attend in 2018, Fat Joe interviewed 6ix9ine on his Tidal streaming service podcast elaborate, Cocoa Imaginative and prescient. Joe tried to converse a pair of of his have experiences and rising disaster to the younger upstart. Letting him know that the police and others had been plotting on him like they did Joe when he used to be youthful and wild within the streets. This sit down-down took set earlier than 6ix9ine used to be arrested with the Nine Trey Gangsta Bloods in 2018.

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