Essentially the most Oscar-nominated woman without a take is vying for her first victory

Diane Warren has written more than a dozen songs which possess been identified with Oscar nominations over the last three decades. But despite being nominated 13 situations since 1988, she’s never acquired an Academy Award, making her the most-nominated woman without one.

The songwriter has one other probability to at closing desire home a statue at the 2022 Academy Awards on March 27, this time for the song “In a technique You Attain,” conducted by nation song singer Reba McEntire. Warren’s single is featured within the habit drama Four Correct Days starring Glenn Shut (one other woman who has been nominated several situations, but never acquired).

Warren told The Every day Beast she stayed up all evening to hear to this year’s Oscar nominations. When the announcers read out her title for Most realistic Long-established Song, she acknowledged, “it became one of basically the most productive moments of my existence.”

How Warren stacks up to other nominees

The stupid songwriter Sammy Cahn holds the list for basically the most Oscar nominations for Most realistic Long-established Song, having been identified 26 situations. Four of Cahn’s songs acquired the Oscar between 1954 and 1963, three of which were conducted by Frank Sinatra.

The finest woman nominated for Most realistic Song more situations than Warren is Marilyn Bergman, who bought 15 nominations alongside her husband Alan. The songwriting pair acquired the Oscar twice, first for Michel Legrand’s “Windmills of Your Strategies,” featured in The Thomas Crown Affair, and later for Barbra Streisand’s “The Design We Were,” which became within the 1973 movie of the identical title.

Within the same arrangement to Warren, the composer Thomas Newman has been nominated 14 situations (pdf) for Most realistic Long-established Get, and as soon as for Most realistic Long-established Song, but never acquired. His father Alfred acquired Most realistic Get 9 situations, whereas cousin Randy has two Oscars for Most realistic Song.

Warren’s Oscar-nominated songs

The songwriter penned “I Don’t Favor To Rush over a Thing,” which became featured in Armageddon and conducted by Aerosmith, and wrote Celine Dion’s “In consequence of You Loved Me” for the 1996 drama Up Shut and Deepest. Every songs were Billboard chart-toppers, but didn’t affect ample votes from the Academy to clinch Oscar wins.

Phase of the motive an Oscar remains elusive for Warren is since the competition for musicians is particularly fierce at the Academy Awards. There are factual two song lessons—awards for Long-established Get and Long-established Song—whereas musical artists possess a shot at 86 lessons at the Grammys, for example. Warren has acquired a Grammy, an Emmy, and two Golden Globes.

At this year’s Academy Awards Warren could be up in opposition to Beyoncé, Billie Eilish, Van Morrison, and Lin-Manuel Miranda within the Most realistic Song category. The songwriter told the Every day Beast she remains definite about being nominated for an Oscar now not factual one time, but 13 situations: “I’ll never now not assume that’s basically the most appealing factor on this planet.”

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