Elon Musk confirms he confronted Bill Gates about shorting Tesla stock

TL;DR: In a sequence of leaked texts, Elon Musk it sounds as if rejected having philanthropic talks with fellow billionaire Bill Gates thanks to the latter’s half-billion-dollar immediate build on Tesla. Musk confirmed the authenticity of these texts, however claimed he did now not leak them himself.

On Friday, Elon Musk confirmed that he confronted Bill Gates about shorting Tesla stock. The leaked screenshots of texts between the two billionaires were shared on Twitter, asking Musk if they were right.

In these screenshots, the Tesla CEO openly requested Gates if he level-headed held a $500 million immediate build against Tesla. Gates admitted that he hadn’t closed it out, adding that he would admire to chat about philanthropic potentialities.

So it sounds as if Bill Gates hit up @elonmusk to chat about “philanthropy on climate trade” however Elon requested if he level-headed had a half billion dollar immediate build on $TSLA.

Bill said he hasn’t closed it out, so Elon urged him to safe lost. No thought if right here is correct lol

— Entire Mars Catalog (@WholeMarsBlog) April 22, 2022

Musk immediate turned down this ask, claiming that he cannot protect Gates’ look of climate trade significantly while he is retaining a brief build against Tesla. Constant with him, the company became as soon as doing essentially the most to solve climate trade.

Short promoting every so ceaselessly potential that an investor or trader sells shares they’ve borrowed, intending to remove them encourage later at a decrease label. By doing this, they’re in fact making a bet that the asset’s worth will inch down.

Musk claimed that the screenshots were accurate, though he denied leaking them himself. It be unknown when this trade took build, though or no longer it is worth noting that Musk first talked about Bill Gates shorting Tesla stock over a 300 and sixty five days within the past on the Joe Rogan podcast.

Yeah, however I did now not leak it to NYT. They are able to deserve to enjoy got it through guests of guests.

I heard from a few individuals at TED that Gates level-headed had half billion immediate against Tesla, which is why I requested him, so or no longer it is no longer exactly high secret.

— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) April 23, 2022

Elon Musk later tweeted a meme intended to mock Gates.

The 2 billionaires enjoy openly feuded within the previous, disagreeing about issues comparable to Covid-19, colonizing Mars, and cryptocurrencies. Musk also tweeted in 2020 that his conversations with Gates were underwhelming, so or no longer it is certain the two are no longer on top terms.

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