Elliott Wave inquire: Rally in Russell 2000 (RTY) expected to fail [Video]

Short term Elliott Wave inquire in Russell 2000 (RTY) suggests that the decline from November 8, 2021 high is unfolding as a 5 waves impulse building. Down from November 8, wave (1) ended at 2136.8 and rally in wave (2) ended at 2288.60. Index then resumes lower in wave (3) towards 1892.40 and wave (4) ended at 2137.10. Wave (5) lower is in progress with the internal subdivision as one other impulse in lesser diploma. Down from wave (4), wave (i) ended at 2119.30 and wave (ii) rally ended at 2131.60. Index then resumes lower in wave (iii) towards 2079.10, wave (iv) ended at 2102.60, and final wave (v) ended at 2062.80. This accomplished wave ((i)) in better diploma. Rally in wave ((ii)) ended at 2107.90 with internal subdivision as a double there Elliott Wave building.

Index then resumes lower in wave ((iii)). Down from wave ((ii)), wave (i) ended at 2055.20 and rally in wave (ii) ended at 2068.10. Index then resumes lower in wave (iii) towards 1999.50, and jump in wave (iv) ended at 2031. Closing leg lower wave (v) ended at 1978.80 which accomplished wave ((iii)). Leap in wave ((iv)) ended at 2030.30 with internal subdivision as expanded flat. Up from wave ((iii)), wave (a) ended at 2015.90, wave (b) ended at 1966.60, and wave (c) ended at 2030.30. Put a matter to the Index to expand lower in wave ((v)) sooner than ending wave 1. Afterwards, it would rally in wave 2 to appropriate cycle from March 30 high in 3, 7, or 11 swing sooner than the following leg lower.

$RTY 45 minutes Elliott Wave chart

Russell 2000 Elliott Wave video


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