Elden Ring Mods Turn The Game Into A Surreal Fever Dream

To be magnificent, Homer could maybe well presumably quiet’ve known better than to trespass on Shrek’s swamp.
Gif: ToastedShoes / Kotaku

Win ‘round, readers, as I regale you with another tale of the queer shit gamers are as a lot as in Elden Ring. Don’t anguish, this post received’t be about panties, murdering turtle clergy, or rolling demise strats (we’ve already accomplished these). This time around, Elden Ring has change into an even wackier gameplay abilities thanks to one YouTuber’s zany and surreal modding efforts.   

YouTuber ToastedShoes, who’s uploaded a bunch of modded gameplay movies, posted a video appropriately known as “Elden Ring but ruined by mods.” While these mods don’t necessarily extinguish the game, they carry out develop into Elden Ring into a terminally on-line gamer’s fever dream. The Australian YouTuber’s courageous reimagining of FromSoftware’s original hotness replaces Elden Ring’s bosses and NPCs with standard frigid appealing movie characters, ensuing in a hilarious and off-hanging viewing abilities.

Using mods created by fellow YouTuber Garden of Eyes, ToastedShoes plays as a Tarnished Homer Simpson as he boldly units off on his quest for the “Elden Donut.” Somebody could maybe well wish to clue him in on what Elden Ring if truth be told is (y’know, as soon as gamers if truth be told figure that out). Right here’s a checklist of some Elden Ring characters and the neatly-known frigid appealing movie characters which have changed them in ToastedShoes’ video.

The spotlight of the video is Homer’s battle with the Tree Sentinel, an early no longer mandatory boss. Allow me to plan the scene. Listlessly grazing in Limgrave’s woodland are Elden Ring’s goats who authorized so happen to be modified into horrifically lanky Sonic the Hedgehogs. (It wouldn’t be a fever dream of a video if Sonic didn’t impress an look somewhere in it.) Without warning, the Sonic goats retreat in terror because the Tree Sentinel approaches Homer, showcasing his dominance with a twirl of his axe. Limgrave wish to be located conclude to a swamp on fable of the Tree Sentinel has been transmogrified, thru the dangerous sorcery of PC mods, into a glazey-eyed Shrek riding his horse, Donkey.

A combination of sound clips from the Shrek movies and plight-on Homer Simpson divulge impersonations from divulge actor Benjamin Rudman play intermittently for the length of their very one-sided battle. After Homer will get his generous ass handed to him, he decides to tactfully retreat. Cowards carry out continue to exist. This fight doubles as Shrek lore nobody requested for, and is ToastedShoes’ favorite scene within the video.

“I like the Shrek and Donkey mod,” ToastedShoes suggested Kotaku. “Having Shrek trot Donkey as his ‘noble steed’ nearly looks poetic in nature.”

Despite the fact that the YouTuber has change into known for increasing modded gameplay movies, that wasn’t continuously the thought. Sooner than he accrued 574,000 subscribers, ToastedShoes started his YouTube channel in 2013 with the sole cause of increasing bellow with his chums.

“As [time] improved, I seen folk doing mod bellow on video games a lot like GTA 5 and Minecraft, which used to be ideal,” he acknowledged. “But I seen and requested myself why it hadn’t been accomplished in extra video games. So, I clear to grab a leap and attain out to a pair of the most proficient modders on the tips superhighway.”

Unfortunately, the blueprint back to ToastedShoes uploading this kind of clear Elden Ring video is that some info superhighway folk repost clips without crediting or linking support to him and his collaborators, and in addition they could maybe perhaps well fetch extra consideration for it than he does. While it’s no longer often strange for creators who add bellow inspired by a brand original video sport to scrutinize their creations reposted, ToastedShoes acknowledged it’s disheartening to have the folk he collaborated with out a longer receive credit for their work bettering, divulge acting, and increasing mods for his movies. Alternatively, he acknowledged he received’t let this deter him from posting extra absurd modded gameplay movies. Truly, he’s planning on making extra Elden Ring movies with even extra mods.

“If all pans out,” ToastedShoes acknowledged, “I’d fetch to mod the total lot of Elden Ring!” God aid us all.

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