Eastern baseball manager ‘Mountainous Boss’ pulled out a hovercraft for his most up-to-date intro

The mystique and great thing about baseball manager BIG BOSS continues in Japan with his most up-to-date arrival to lead the Hokaiddo Nippon-Ham Warring parties onto the self-discipline. This time he every so step by step flew throughout the air on a drone, thanks to course he did.

Originally: I didn’t know this modified into a element. It’s equal parts phenomenal and monstrous. I’d elevate to fly even supposing the air, however I also know I’d be screaming in dread ravishing considerable the total time, overjoyed I modified into about to crash into the ground.

Pointless to express, I’m not BIG BOSS. BIG BOSS fears nothing, and all the pieces fears BIG BOSS because I’m overjoyed he can factual preserve an eye on his environment with his mind and sheer will energy by myself, that system that if come what may well this drone engine failed he’s soundless factual drift alongside on a cloud of his possess psychic energy look after Jean Gray of the X-Men.

If you happen to missed the debut of BIG BOSS it’s okay, because here he’s emerging from a box wearing a delicate-weight-up jersey.

Tsuyoshi Shinjo, earlier than his first abnormal-season recreation as manager, stood within the box for the main pitch ceremony, then caught the ball and ran to the mound to present it to the main pitcher. We’re within the Mountainous Boss Technology.

— Jason Coskrey (@JCoskrey) March 25, 2022

I look after you BIG BOSS.

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